“Shitfield United played like we normally do. And got the same result we normally do. We were best side in first half apart from a 10 minute spell in the middle, second half united came out to batter us and did for half a hour.”

“Best side first half could easily have been 3-0 up….second half deedars improved but talking like it was a massive burglary lol!…..We … are still suffering from having our team ripped apart…that side would have walked this IMO ….still they had a decent season and not over yet”

“feel we got what we deserved in the end, despite us looking out of it for 10 minutes after their second! Sheffield United were a well organised side with half decent players playing a particular system that suits them collectively. They are definitely over achieving, and i think they will struggle next season.”

“1st time we have won from a losing position this season”

“So unlike us.. its that, more than say winning 1 or 2-0. That restores a hope we can actually pull it round and stay up.. ”

“Massive win and a massive performance. ”

“delighted that chubby boy Billy didn’t bring his shooting boots today, he normally does against us.”

“Clarke was real handful”

“Always is against us, going all the way back to when he was at wednesday as a young ‘un, sithi.”

“He was on his arse knackered that last twenty minutes.”

“1-2 – Sheff Utd fans “We’re sending you down, we’re sending you down, we’re Sheff Utd, we’re sending you down”
3-2 -Barnsley fans “You’re keeping us up, you’re keeping us, you’re Sheff Utd, you’re keeping us up”. Its S**t like that makes me love us even more.”

“Good chant.Even saw a few of their fans clapping it so I’m guessing they appreciated it too.”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Barnsley”
  1. You got the points and really cost us so make it count now and get the points to stay up. Good luck. I like the Yorkshire teams with the exception of Wendy and Weeds to do well.

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