Can’t find the words to correctly express my disappointment”

“Much better second half after that meltdown in the first but the damage was already done. The season isn’t over but we just aren’t good enough to beat them around us to get back in the playoffs.”

“picked up 4 points out of 12 in last 4 games and they want to go in the playoffs. Absolutely no chance this has been such a disappointing season and again proves our scouting network is dreadful. We can’t keep blaming managers and players”

“Overriding feeling – frustration. Frustration at what was a suicidal first half, giving us a mountain to climb. Frustration at a second half where it was everything for us that the first wasn’t. Big, big blow is that result.”

“By far the better team second half and you couldn’t fault their effort. With a bit of luck we might have got the unlikely draw”

“Very impressed with the second half, hopefully we can use that to kick on.Sheff Utd won’t end up in the play offs if the have second halfs at home to 10 men like that, they were muck.”

“Have another look at what you’ve just written bearing in mind our performance against 9 men a week ago!!”

“Their first goal was a wonder strike really early and the sending off was harsh, it’s hard not to get demoralised after that. Fair play to them coming back like this, must have been one hell of a half time team talk.”

“that first half was completely unacceptable.When two teams go toe to toe and one team comes out on top, someone has to come out second best and sometimes you just hold you hands up and say that’s football, but that first half wasn’t toe to toe. It was short of work rate, people shying away from graft, hiding from responsibility.Second half the team worked so so hard, so pats on the back for that. They really stood up for the team, man for man, in the second half, but where was that in the first?Still only 11 points from teams in the top half all season. Awful record.”

“I don’t want to hear about how well Boro played 2nd half. Amazing what you can do with pressure off and nothing to lose. But at 0-0 and pressure on, bottlers. Lazy, uninterested, no energy. Pathetic. And Leadbitter…..great servant but no thank you any more.”

“Do you earn points for playing “well” in the 2nd half.
We didnt play well. We competed in the 2nd half.”

“who cares, battled to what… only just losing against a team who’s entire squad costs less than one of our subs. And that isn’t meant to sound arrogant and disrespectful towards the opponents at all, just proof that once again we’re outfought and out thought by a team on a shoestring budget.”

“They could have 9 men and we woudnt have broke them down”

“We were absolutely awful first half. Much better in the second half but unfortunately the damage was done. Second half showed the fight and spirit the fans want and if we carry on like that we’ll be fine. Pretty sure the ref was a sufc fan though”

“We weren’t very good, but; Leadbitter – that is a harsh red. No malice in either booking, no final warning, both in quick succession? Sheff Utd players rolling about all over the shop, he’s failed to be equal handed in handing out cards to their players, and how is Clarke allowed to stay on the field for the second goal? Should he not have to leave the field of play after rolling around feigning injury, leading to a stoppage?”

“United were falling over at every opportunity demanding a yellow and the ref has fallen for it. Game over, but it’s only football.”

“Assombalonga got nowt out of the referee, and was pulled all over the place. Felt like 10 vs 12 at times. Still a crap result like. A draw would’ve been fine.”

“Well we pulled a goal back with 10 men. We would not have done any worse with 11 men. So perhaps the ref is not blameless”


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