“A dramatic and exciting game which ended all square.We started off on the front foot and pressed them back from the off. Everybody looked up for it and was getting their foot in, closing down and denying them space. But they were up for it big time too. There was lots of good movement in the middle, people running off the ball, going wide and putting crosses in but we defended stoutly. They probably had slightly the better of the first half with chances. The ones of note was some close control by their 9 Clarke and a decent shot from 25yards which Archer saved well. We had a decent header from Cooper and some good attacking play but it came to nothing and ended all square at the break.The second half was a different story. They came out all guns blazing and pressed us back from the start. They stretched us this way and that and really our us under pressure. Their best chance came from a cross from the left which their bloke headed from 6 yards and Archer pushed it over for a corner. It was real Gordon Banks stuff. We had some decent movement forward with a great ball to Gregory from Morison on the right. He ran into the box and should have pulled the trigger but he squared it and it came to nothing. Then it was their turn. A good ball to their Clarke went off with a firm challenge from Hutch. It looked a goal kick but the ref deemed it to be a corner. We didn’t clear it very well and their winger swung it in from the left, it was headed back across goal and Clarke nodded it in from three yards. Their mob went nuts. But their joy didn’t last long. From the kick off it went back to Cooper who swung it forward into their box. It sailed over the head of their defended and Morison met it on the full and side footed it wide of their keeper for the equaliser. It was our turn to go nuts. We brought on Fred for a tiring Marshall but he did very little. Elliott came on for the last two minutes to replace Gregory and had a couple of touchesThere were two shouts for a penalty at each end. Their forward got booked for diving and ours could have gone either way. And so it ended an exciting draw….which I would have taken at one o’clock.Archer made three world class saves which kept us in it and got my MOM. Romeo was very strong and focussed and Meredith was his normal aggressive and energetic self. Hutch and Cooper were rocks at the back but had their work cut out all afternoon. Wallace was lively and threatening and both Saville and Wallace were busy and solid. Marshall played well but didn’t have too many opportunities to shine. Gregory had his normal busy game and one chance which he should have made more of. Morison showed his class with a deft finish for the goal.”

“Solid result. I had this down as the hardest of our games left. Need at least one win
from Fulham, Villa or Boro, though.”

“Fair result I thought.”

“A bit of frustration from a few around me during the first half. As a few away games this season we grew into the game, they still had the pressure, we still looked dangerous. To score immediately after gave us the lift, I thought we were gonna win it.”

“like most games this season…Sheffield United passing it around the back.Millwall more interested in going forward asap.”

“What character. They threw everything at us & thought they’d won it.”

“not the best performance by a long shot but I’ll take that.”

“On their forum there’s a few digs about us being ‘poor’; yet on twitter a fair few Blades say it was a fair result. I would imagine that’s probably because people that bother being on a forum are the more one-eyed fanatical type of fan. Personally, thought we sounded very good – it was a game they needed to win & we could afford to draw. So, we were a bit more cautious than usual – bar when we needed to grab a goal back & instantly went up a gear and got straight back into it.”

“Haven’t heard anybodys fans say we are any good this season , well the table and results dont lie”

“Great all round archer man of the match”

“Some Sheffield United fans may argue they deserved to win if not for Archer; but I don’t think they’ve got two legs to stand on.”

“Archer was great, the shot they had that was going in to the top corner I thought was a goal as Archer didn’t move to the very last second, almost like his hand teleported there”

“Archer MoM”

“Just got to keep going . We’ll get there for sure”

“What a ride, not sure my ticker can take much more! Amazing season, will go down as one of the best.”

“Chris Wilder has always been my favourite opposing manager. So honest. Take note, Warnock.”

By Roy

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  1. Sorry to post a large amount of your fans were throwing coins bricks any thing they get their grubby hands on after game one of them coins hit my granddaughte in the eye hi hope you are proud off what you did

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