“must-win for the Blades. Must-not-lose for the Lions. This is a big one.”

“Sheffield United is now a must-not-lose, rather than a must-win. That being said, a win would put us six points clear of the Blades, taking them out of it, and possibly four/five points clear of Boro with three games to go. So  tight. With so many of the top 8 playing each other, I think it’s possible, if unlikely, that we could even get in with 4/12.”

“This is the one I’m dreading the most of our games left to be honest”

“Imagine looking at them fixtures knowing we needed points to stay up Championship next season ? I will take that as a prize for losing out ”

“They are going to play 3-5-1-1 formation apparently.That would be completely insane. So lets hope thats what they play.”

“Makes no difference to us as we’re set up to cover every angle.
All our outfield players are covering each other,a sort of ‘total football’ Do you not think that our oppo have been trying to counter our set-up, and failed so far,?”

“Looks like David Brooks was on song during midweek.”

“Hope Sheffield United fans are embarrassed by their clubs ticket allocation for Millwall fans on Saturday…disgraceful but hey we’ll still make twice the noise they do as at all other grounds we go to”

“If Millwall gets promoted, I’m cancelling the kids’ season tickets. They can’t get a sniff of sporting glory at such a young age. It’ll ruin them. First they need to suffer decades of soul-crushing misery.”


By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match From Millwall”
  1. Embarrassed about ticket allocation?
    You normally only bring bout 300,so
    1600 should be more than enough!
    As for formations we won’t be setting up
    to stop you playing we will be playing our own game.
    UTB ⚔️.

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