“I can’t remember the last time we came from behind to win a game.”

“A brilliant performance. Brilliant management from Monk.”

“tbh we are not a bottom half team, this season has been a disaster from the start even pre season was a washout. As you say can`t wait now for next season and pre season.”

“not only will we be in this division next season, we will be in th Top 6”

“Great win today against a decent Blades team who had everything to play for, fair result, what was with Duffy? he didn’t cut it at Blues get over it son, you just didn’t warrant a place in the team simples.”

“Really deserved that bit of a funny game but the thing with football is it ent over till it’s over. Very soft goal to conceed and not sure why a player that a lot of blues fans wanted to see given a chance thinks there’s a vendetta against him. Looks a right **** now anyway.Great following to from UTD, and a great season after being promoted.”

“What’s Duffys problem? Apart from being ginger. And crap.Maybe he is still scarred from being unable to dislodge Lee Novak from the starting 11 during his time here”

“Duffy was the worst player I have seen this season”

“Poor man’s Jacques Maghoma.”

“our fans really were the twelfth man today as well as in other games. There is no other fans in this league like our Fans”

“..that sheff player faking injury for 6 minutes the only way to quiet us down”


By Roy

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