Well it was painful to watch. But somehow we got the win. Rudd MOM for me. Made some good stops and didn’t bottle any crosses. It’s great that we still have a glimmer of hope even if it’s all rather unlikely. Still not sure the value of repeatedly wasting time when it’s all very blatent and the ref adds on 6+ minutes. Although we did well playing it in the corners though (legit wasting time I don’t mind).

“We havent done that for ages, glad it came back today. Well we go into the final game with something to play for. Deffo would have settled for that preseason.”

“We were like Sheff Utd under Warnock”

“Lol so it’s all Rudd’s fault they’ve not been able to convert all their chances etc… ”

“We aren’t the best be we scrap and battle and “needs must” for what we can get,as for the time wasting name a team that doesn’t do it when required.”

The ref  had a message from the Prem and the press. Add on as much time as poss and help Sheff Utd. We don’t want #teams like Preston in the Prem. ”

“Where are they in the league ? Where are we ? Job done, enough said !”

“Can we please appreciate the mental turmoil Ben Pearson must have put himself through by not receiving a booking in the last 5 games”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Preston”
  1. They don’t deserve to go to the premier league. Coz if they start winning they will start cheating by wasting time like they did at Bramall Lane against Sheffield United.

  2. Really think that Preston’s tactics of constantly wasting time is no good for football they are a decent footballing side and they was no need for it in my opinion it spoilt the game and it was pitiful to watch and all it did was incite the crowd .A stronger referee should have stopped it but he was absolute shite and should be refereeing at under 10 level

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