“Tables are certainly turning on LJ. I can’t get over how bad today was. ”

“I’m starting to doubt Johnson now. This was men against boys. Clueless and sad.”

“Jesus wept that was poor. No pride and worst of all no effort whatsoever.”

“Absolute pony. We accept mediocrity to easily a good manager wouldn’t take his team from 2nd to 11th. Get out.”

“My biggest question with LJ is he too nice? Look at Wilder stood up and shouting and instructing. SU have nothing to play for but he has clearly given them reason to fight perhaps for their jobs mext season. LJ sat with arms behind his back or in his pockets.”

“Someone obviously forgot to tell Sheffield Utd that this game was a dead rubber and we weren’t bothered. ”

“Looks like those who were worried about Sheffield United, were right to be.”

“Shameful, SU looked like Bayern München.”

“Better in the second half. Even so, 23 points in the second half of the season, 2 points in ten games against the top ten. Look poor, real worry for next season.”

“Another GREAT game for the neutral.Shame there are no neutrals watching.”

“so 11th position finish then. Not going to say well done boys , it was all lost after the Wolves game and the lack of good signings in January.”

“I hope those who went did not wait for a ‘lap of disgrace’.Glad I did not follow it.I sincerely hope something is changed in the managerial and player recruitment departments in the close season. Carry on as we are and we will be relegated this time next year, stating the obvious.What a woeful 55% of the season.”

By Roy

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