“Sheff Utd is a must win. I’ve always wanted to start one of these threads. They’ve been so successful the previous ten times we had one, I think we have a 0% record in OTIB-appointed Must Win Games. So let’s have one last one for old times sake.If we’ve learnt anything this season it is to have as few must win games as possible. I suggest that next season we either sign a few more players like Diony or play a few of our Under-12s so that we go into games as massive underdogs and City are spared the overbearing pressure of minor expectation.For added effect let’s have the players run out at Ashton Gate to the theme tune of the magic roundabout and have home fans all dressed as sunflowers throwing small balls of cotton wool onto the pitch. Anything to create a happy marshmallowy sort of environment free of the dreaded must-win.  P.S. #1 On recent respective league form our point at Burton is looking more and more impressive. P.S. #2 For the sake of Niclas Eliasson’s poor family at least tell them where you have buried the body.”

“I want to know whose turn it is to come on the website and say we are fighting to the end, despite not having done so for the last 4 months?”

“Shame as it would’ve been a great game if this would played a few months back. Unfortunately both of us have collapsed a little bit. Still a good season for both of us imo”

“what was looking like a play off decider cracker to end of season damp squid.”

“Nothing can be proved in an end of season damp squid.”

“Didn’t you hear? Johnson said that he wants us to go out with a bang and the players will be really up for it. I can’t remember him ever saying this before so we must mean business. ”

“I have a season ticket and haven’t seen a home win in the league since Cardiff in November. Literally the only home games I have missed since then have been the wins. I even went to Sunderland and Hull games haha!Sorry to say I am going to this one. Feels like we should be 24th from what I have seen!!!”

“I’m waiting for LJ to come out in the week and say “Let’s make it a party occasion at Ashton Gate for the final game of the season, just like we have done in the past”. ”

“I honestly believe that Lee Johnson doesn’t have the faintest clue on how to manage or head coach a Championship football club.I know it will be a long time in the future but I really do hope that I will still be compos mentis/alive when he leaves Ashton Gate for the final time.”

“if SL really wanted premier league football he’d have appointed a proven, successful championship manager….we haven’t had one since Steve Coppell….we ain’t going anywhere soon in terms of promotion….but being in the championship ain’t the worse thing in the world…I just wish those at the top would tell us what they really want….because appointing Millen, McInnes, SOD, Cotts and LJ is not any signal of positive intent with regards to getting out of the championship in an upwards fashion rather than a downwards one….”

“Is anyone bothering with this game?”

“I aint going. Being on a Sunday for me is not a good day, if we were pushing for promotion/play-offs I would have moved heaven and earth to be there but we are finishing on a whimper. 60 odd years of going to the Gate can drain a bloke”

“I want to win to record yet another ‘double’. We’ve had quite a few in a really good season and one tends to like more of a good thing. Just hoping the woodwork is as kind to us as it was at Bramall Lane (was it 5 times they couldnt find the net but hit the white stuff??”

“9 points from the remaining fixture will see on 76 points, and into the play-offs by the skin of our teeth, just ahead of Derby who are going to bottle it yet again. With that in mind I think a front three of Kent, Diony and Woodrow should get us over the line on Sunday. Live the dream people. ”




By Roy

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