“Thought Graham was outstanding for a 17 year old.”

“He was excellent”

“Graham is a unit”

“slipped for the goal but very strong in the air. A lot of potential there and hard to believe that he’s only 17!”

“Sam graham is simply not good enough”

“Graham is shaky”

“Sam Graham looked very very shaky, infact the whole back 4 did and that’s what cost us the game. But to be expected with how young they all are”

“Graham played well”

“Graham was my motm thought he was excellent.”

“looked decent. Didn’t do a bad job against miles better players”

“I’m still to be convinced that Graham is better than Stott nevermind Edmundson.”

“Graham to RB must stop. Looks lost and invite the opposition on.”

“the worst aspect of the switch is Sam Graham is no right back”

By Roy

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