“Really poor first half but got a decent goal out of nowhere, then played much better in the second half.
Gareth Barry bossed it…he’s 38 in three months”

“Who said football is a game of two halves!”

“Said we’d have to up it in the second half and we certainly did!”

“A game that flip flopped , two evenly matched teams, very little melodrama, and a proper game that we deserved to win.”

“First 40 minutes we were all over the place and not offering much going forward. Could have easily been 2 or 3 down. Then we scored and we took over. Last 5 minutes of the first half we took over .
Second half was as good as I’ve seen albion play in a long time. A near perfect performance, played some lovely stuff, always looked like scoring, strong at the back and I never once thought Sheffield Utd would score. Brilliant performance and because of how good we were I thought we deserved the win”

“Insipid first half performances have to come from somewhere,is there a lack of “Umph” from the manager pre match?
It’s not good enough to put in a half that could see you “buried” as the excellent Keith Andrews remarked at half time.
“individual brilliance” rather than team set up got us the win in his and Michael Brown’s opinion.
Week after week pundits are basically saying that our organisation and application are rubbish in large parts but that our front four are constantly creating miracles to dig us out of the c r a p!
Sorry if I seem picky but we have to be better than this defensively and from more forward players putting in defensive efforts.
This is an incredibly poor division this year,it’s there for the taking with a couple of good signings and players and coaching staff sorting out this p I s s poor first half dross they keep turning out.”

“First 15-20 minutes there was only 1 team in it and it wasn’t us. I feared for a bit of a hammering. After that we got more into the game and started to get a grip without creating anything, like against Villa and then we scored from pretty much our first real chance….again like the Villa game. Sheff Utd started to fade in the last 5 minutes of the first half and I said at half time that if we could be more cohesive in the second half we’d win.
I thought we were great second half, a mirror image of the first! Sheff Utd looked all over the place and just couldn’t cope with our play. Liked the look of their 21 (Duffy I think), a very tidy little player.”

“i do think we are to open to start games last night was a typical example their full backs were bombing on leaving both our full backs exposed most of the first half i’m not sure what they changed at half time but it worked maybe they should have changed in the first half.”

“They pressed us extremely high first half and ran out of steam, you could see it after 35-40 mins. Second half they couldn’t close us down as quick so we had time on the ball, this coupled with us having much better players meant we were pretty comfortable.If Moore’s gameplan was to keep us in it until they pressed themselves to death then I’ll give him credit, dangerous though as they could have been 2 or 3 up by that point.”

“He told them to keep the ball irrespective of where it was on the field, this drew Sheffield United on to us. Barry sat even deeper and controlled the midfield, we then passed through the bewildered home side. Simple but effective change from the first half where we tried to hit Barnes at the earliest opportunity. “

By Roy

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