“Embarassing. Spineless. Gutless. I totally see why Clement was sacked after that.If you go through every championship team, you’ll notice most teams have a certain style, whether that be possession, playing on the counter or going more direct. What is our style?
Counter – no, our team are painfully slow on the counter attack
Direct – no, because none of our front 6 were over 6 foot
Possession – no, because we always seem to have less possession than our opponents. What actually is our style? There’s nothing to our team, there’s no identity, Clement was slowly beginning to build one, and there we go and sack him.One more point, why are our players incapable of passing the ball in front of another when they have space to run onto the ball. Ilori is the worst culprit for just passing to someone’s feet when they have yards ahead of them to run onto it. I don’t understand how it’s that difficult, it kills all the momentum we’ve built up and it always reverts to us passing back to our defenders. An utter disgrace of a performance”

“To not have a single shot on target in 90 minutes at home against another Championship side is unforgivable. Players and coaching staff should be ashamed.”

“Didn’t take long for Marshall to lose the dressing room. Utterly witless display, odd selections, normal service in fact.”

“The first half wasn’t bad at all, I thought we looked the better team for a lot of if just crying out for some quality up front. You can’t sling crosses in against sheffield United to mark McNulty! 2nd half was awful, they made a tactical change and we had absolutely no answer, then most of the players drop their heads and one goal brings two, no surprise.”

“Played well and had the best of the first half. United nullified us and dominated the second with the inevitable late capitulation”

“Did the Sheffield United keeper even take a goal kick in the second half?”

“Once again we didn’t have a shot on target ,we were playing at home and a team that should be battling to get out of the bottom 3.
They gave us a chance by not starting their best creative player Duffy and of course there is always Billy Sharp. Watching Norwood it made me wonder why we didn’t renew his contract but did so for nearly every other player regardless of their age or ability.”

“Why can’t we sign players like that Ollie Norwood guy and Billy Sharp . . . . “.

“I really do hate Billy Sharp he’s such a detestable pcunt.”

“Oh for a creative midfield player who can, calmly, pick out a pass and deliver it right to the perfect place. You know, a bit like Ollie Norwood. What if we had a player like that in our team…. oh, wait …….”

“The Blades: Very limited-little quality-but every one worked their socks off and they are extremly well drilled. Given the amount of work they put in, I thought they would tire, but they just never did.”

“thought to give them credit Sheffield were a pretty good team, set up in a good way by a manager getting the best out of his squad. They played with so much width (was it just me or did they make the pitch look huge?), which created space everywhere – then they had the passing ability to use that space, spearheaded by Norwood. McGoldrick was a real threat in the box from well delivered crosses, supported by Washington/Sharp (any of these three would walk into our team), and they had a big team attacking well-taken set pieces. Defensively they got numbers back when we slowly moved the ball forward, and I couldn’t see us breaking them down in open play at any point. Especially because, as others have said, we weren’t able to string any passes together.”

“Comical on here that some thought Clement was turning it around. That Sheffield team cost less than our defence apparently.”

By Roy

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