“The opposition were without a couple of key players and nervy given their need for a win and recently dropped points. Probably due to Sharpe missing and according to the Sky punditry to simplify things for the players given their relative lack of confidence, Sheffield had been set up to play long (They flashed up a stat showing the percentage of their passes hit that were long balls at one point, was higher than usual for their season). It was the sort of circumstances that could be capitalised on. It can’t be that you can tear apart a near playoff squad, lose to the likes of Rotherham and then call a battling performance with one shot on target as progress. “

Gave Sheff United far too much respect when they were missing 3 of their better players.
Showed nothing going forward while keeping it relatively solid at the back. Obviously the sending off was the turning point and Sheff United took full advantage.”

“I did harbour some hope that they’d panic without half their defence and Sharp. “

“Even with three of Sheff Utd’s key players out, we still created little.”

“Thought we were doing well till the sending off myself. Even after that we did well to make them nervous.Not upset at all with how we played”

“Didn’t play bad by any standards, didn’t have a chance to win the game as we have such a lack of creativity and possession…it’s genuinely disheartening to watch.”

“They didn’t have many more shots on target that us, so that’s something to cling to.”

“We never looked like scoring all game”

“In our last two games the opposition didn’t even need to play a Keeper to win…”

“we don’t have a ‘good’ team sheff utd have a ‘good’ team. No amazing standout individuals like we have with Lolley they all work together and know each other inside out and play as a cohesive unit with a balance of defensive strength and attacking flair. I love the system Chris wilder plays it really works for that squad. Our system, pfffft, men behind the ball, give the good players the ball and hope they conjur up something”

“Who knew McGoldrick could put a shift in…never saw that when he was with us.”

“If only we could attract creative hard working players like McGoldrick and Sharp!”

“They were more ruthless than we’ll ever be”

“interesting that the team that creates more opportunities wins the game”

“At least McGoldrick and Dowell didn’t score.
As I expected, Blades just brushed us aside like we weren’t even there. The ref helped.But blades were extremely average. Absolutely nothing special and we still just got swept away. “

“Enda Stevens was a free transfer for them..lol why dont we see these guys.”

“Lolley was £500k and is worth 20 times that now
Never even noticed Stevens until he scored. “

“I thought they were bang average and their crossing was shite for most of the game.”

“Sheffield Utd weren’t great we were worse. “

“Sheffield United in the Premier League would be a travesty”

“Honestly Sheffield United never good enough to go up”

“What a wanker Mark Duffy is.”

“This was the season to get up, Norwich n Leeds are half decent the rest pushing to go up are very average”

“I’ll tell you what, if O’Neill hadn’t been so pig headed with his shit team selections we wouldn’t be far off the top six if not in it.  Look at Sheffield today, they’re pretty shit, top two.  
You don’t have to be great, you just need a bit of talent, which we have when they all get picked, and a manager who can organise their team.  
Most of the teams above us haven’t got a vast amount more talent than us, Norwich, Leeds, West Brom and Villa, that’s about it.”  

“A referee shouldn’t be on the pitch if he is biased before the game
Benny was not last man and there was barely contact. We don’t have a reputation for chopping players down while running through on goal.It was an absolutely shocking decision that makes a mockery of the rulebook. And it typifies quite a chunk of those disciplinary points we have been getting. “

“Colback went over easily but contact was made – unlike MdGoldcheat who went over easily and didnt get touched”

“If Colback is yellow for diving then McGoldrick is also yellow for diving”.

“We have seen several sides outright cheat against us this season, get away with it and benefit from it- West Brom, Leeds, QPR, Preston and most likely McGoldrick today. “

“Colback intention was to go down, he was going down before the defender even put a leg out, it was a dive and a deserved yellow.
Yohan dived in, got nowhere near the ball and the only reason contact was avoided is because the striker hurdled the challenge but lost balance and went down after. The only argument is if he was the last man or not.
If the boot was on the other foot we would be screaming that the ref made the right decisions.”

“I know in general people aren’t fans but we need VAR in the championship. We’d have been already promoted. There also needs to be a better & more transparent way of appealing yellow & red cards.”

“We went down to ten-men when Sheffield United were flying (won 5 in a row) and going for automatic promotion in 2009 and we were fighting relegation. Kelvin Wilson was sent-off after 15 minutes. We magnificently held on to draw 0-0.
The KING was in charge.”

“Nottingham Forest – making shit teams look good since 1865”

By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From Forest”
  1. You Forest fans need to accept reality.Sheff Utd are an all British team who cost virtually nothing with a manager who was born a Blade,was a ball boy at Bramall Lane,played for his boyhood team and is hopefully leading them to the Premiership or is the Championship just geared to how much money you spend.Reckon you need to wake up and smell the coffee!

  2. Some very bitter and mardy fans here.
    If utd are so average then why are forest to be so far behind. My theory on their problems is they have brought in too many foreign big charlie players who play for themselves. Wilder brings in team players. Big difference. Yeah I thought utd were nervy and there for the taking but forest had nothing to offer!

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