“Inept, incompetent and amateurish spring to mind.
89th minute and Ipswich have their first shot on target from 35 yards! I feel sorry for any single fan that gave a second of their time to support the team today. 95% of these players never deserve to pull on the shirt of this once great club EVER again. (exc. Judge, Bishop, Downes). I’m devastated, absolutely devastated at the state of the club, words can’t describe it. Let’s hope there is some serious signs of rebuilding this club in the summer from one its lowest points ever. “

“It says something when I’m kind of “pleased” we only kept the opposition restricted to two goals.”

“Shameful. We’ve looked a distant second best in a two horse race.”

“The gulf in class was immense.”

“The gap was just so massive tonight it brought it home”

“They are the best team I have seen this season”

“They are just much better than us, in fact they are better than everyone else in this Division as well, there looked like there was Two division’s between the Two sides, well guess what there is !!. it will be a completely different animal at a far lesser standard than Sheff Utd every week. “

“It really does underline the ineptitude of the powers that be at ITFC, that a club who has spent similar money to us finds themselves heading into the Premiership, while we are routed firmly to the bottom of the table and heading into League One. Good leadership, strategic vision, scouting and management goes a long way in football, and like Sheff Utd, we have been a ‘McGoldrick’ away from becoming a strong force in this division in previous years only for our squad to be dissembled and patched up again, by managers of varying qualities.”

“Most of their attacking p,any came down the wings…. Yet we wete slow to react , even from throws or corners ,too slow, outnumbered and another cross goes into the box… Look at what Wilder has done at The Blades… I am sure he had just as many players who weren’t up to it but found a system and instilled it quickly”

“before Wilder they dominated possession but couldn’t break teams down. Wilder came in and they became more direct – not hoofing the ball but getting it wide early and getting crosses in rather than trying to pass through teams. ”

“Wilder and others improve things when they come in ….Lambert hasn’t at all”

“Boss, what defensive preparation are we doing this week?
Wilder; None, weve got Ipswich this weekend. “

“Congrats to Sheffield United”

“Well done Sheffield Utd”

“They deserve this promotion”

“I have nothing but admiration for them”

“so so so so glad Sheff Utd got 2nd instead of Leeds. sheff u proper decent club+fans”

“They’re a good club, better than Leeds”

“nice to see a proper club get promoted”

“Sheffield United fans clapping the Ipswich coaches. Class act. Big clubs recognise each other”

“Huge respect to Sheffield United fans as a whole, proper nice bunch. before today I didn’t know which Sheffield team I prefer, but now I do. Good luck next season in the Prem”

“Not only did they get McG but he stayed fit for the whole season. Good luck to them, big city club, they’ve ventured into the lower tiers and now return to the top tier.Won’t air the negative thoughts about them and a handful of their fans / players. Nope will zip it on that.Most Blades I’ve met over the last 30 years have been good people. spent the weekend in Sheffield back in early March 1995, returning back there after “that” game @ OT, had a great evening in a Blades pub.They also have the “pleasure” of sharing the same city with their local rivals and can really give it large to supporters of the owls…”

“there use to be so much animosity between us and sheff utd, personally I feel sick with how loved up some are now with them. The scum of the north we use to call them, after epic battles in the play-offs. fjortoft hated by us, Taricco hated by them…Good luck to them and any promoted team but I’ve not a nice thing to say about them I am afraid.”

“Happy for Didzy. A player of his ability deserves a season in the Premiership sun.”

“He and Sharp will not look out of place in the Premier League.”

“If those 2 are their strike force next season they will struggle…..! Premier league is a massive step up than this league. I rate Sharp but completely unproven in the PL”

“they will both be good enough for the Premier league. They both have the quality required.”

“Hah Sharp!, not a chance in hell he’s good enough for the PL”

“Didzy would enjoy the extra time he will get on the ball next season, especially if he sits deep. We may not have seen the very best of him yet.”

“MacG one of the best if not the best to wear the Town shirt in Evans ownership. Should never have let him walk. We were always a different team when he was fit. Glad he did this gesture as felt he never said goodbye to Ips fans”

“Didzy does have a track record of performing well in his 1st season at a club, and then go missing. “

“he will be one of those players who looks outstanding in the Championship, but out of his depth in the top flight”

By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From Ipswich”
  1. Brilliant turn out from the Ipswich fans yesterday. Great support and classy in defeat. Hope Town go straight back up next term , cus the fans who made the trip up to the Lane deserve it.

  2. I’ve never had an issue with Ipswich, or their fans, and I’m sorry to see where they are at the moment, and I’m sure no amount of football cliches will salve that at the moment. Good luck for next season, I hope you can build and go forward.
    My greatest admiration for the visiting fans, yesterday, who stayed after full time to clap our boys on their lap of honour. That took some humility, and you won an awful lot of friends due to that fantastic gesture.
    I think I speak for most Blades when I wish you the very best of luck for the 19/20 season…

  3. I thought your fans were a total credit and you should be very proud. You will be sadly missed in the Championship. You all helped contribute to a wonderful occasion. I hope you come back fighting next season. Thank you!

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