“Sheff Utd’s game against us must be the biggest in their history given the £££ for reaching the Prem these days.”

“It’s what the play off final would be if third place got to hand pick their opponent.”

“If you were a Blunt, you wouldn’t have picked a better game than to play us, or maybe Bolton or QPR given the form they’re both in as well.
We’ve had our run-ins with Sheff Utd over the years, but I’ve got to admit I’m incredibly jealous of the position they’re in.”

“They’re great fun to watch too.”

“I can assure you that Sheffield United will beat us with a minimum of 5 goals!!”

“They will probably stick 10 past us! We live in hope but we are not fit for purpose and sound like they are already on the beach”

“A heavy defeat again… The team have given up.”

“There is no way they won’t beat us.
We could put in our best performance of the season & we will lose. They’re up.”

“We’ll try to play to win but they’ll barely notice.”

“Paul Lambert does not do park the bus and grab a goal on the break-if he did we might not be getting relegated.
I imagine it will be like most of our games from our point of view, we will play some nice passes but rarely get anywhere.
I suppose if they do not score early then their support will start to get a bit tense which in turn will make your player’s tense.
I think Leeds have made things pretty easy for them with their last two results because if they were still level with them(or better) then Saturday and our game against Leeds would both be ramped up a few more notches.”

“We’ll approach it by playing 4-3-3/4-5-1 (whichever way you look at it). After 45 minutes, Lambert will once again realise that Judge is cr*p out on the wing, so he’ll give him the license to roam where he wants in the second half. We’ll have a couple of half decent chances, but our strikers couldn’t finish their dinners, so they won’t have to worry there. They’ll then waltz down the other end, and score what could only be possibly described as the easiest goal they’ll score all season as our defence is shot to pieces as well. We’ll huff and puff a little more, then we’ll concede another soft goal and they’ll end up winning the game 2-0.”

“If any Leeds fans are hoping for an Ipswich miracle- sorry! Us Ipswich fans have been hoping for one since October.”

“Championship promotion race is who can bottle it most don’t worry Sheffiedl United you’ve got an easy 3pts”

“Can we just forfeit the games against Sheffield United and Leeds? With the season we’ve had it’s just written in the stars that we will take points off one of them to send Norwich up as champions”

“Happily give Sheffield United and Leeds United the 3 points each to see Norwich mess it up this late… surely all Ipswich fans agree… would make the season a tiny bit less depressing, even more so if they then lost at Wembley?”

“I know it won’t happen but I would love to see us take a point. Nothing against Sheff U, in fact I quite like them, but the constant comments from pundits like it’s a done deal are annoying me”

“I’m sure we’ll go & give it our all but we just won’t be good enough.”

“The only thing that we have got to fight for is to possibly make our game against Leeds interesting again.”

“Their biggest game since they bottled a straightforward home game against Wigan to stay in the Premier League (for all the moaning about West Ham’s cheating that was poor). THey’ve got an awful play-off record too, four defeats in finals I think.
Not that it will be a problem for them on Saturday, Leeds bottling everything this weekend sees to that.”

“Give over saying it’s their biggest game.
They’ve won the league and four FA cups.
Winning promotion and some money doesn’t compare to any of that in the historical sense unless you’re selling a tv subscription.”

“They won the League in 1898 and last won the FA Cup in 1925, so it is the biggest game of nearly all their supporters that are still alive and almost certainly everyone who’ll be in the ground on Saturday.
And while money isn’t everything, the kind of money in the Prem now just for one season can make an enormous difference to a club that’s not been in it for ten or more years.”

“I’d also argue that an FA Cup semi-final against Sheffield Wednesday was far bigger, which happened in the lifetime of a lot of their support
This may be the most consequential though”

“while I would love us to upset the applecart against the scum of the North I just cannot see it, I think it could be a very uncomfortable day for the Boys in Blue with a pretty emphatic win for the Blades, at least we should get out in One piece !!! Oh the Joy.”

“Will be watching the game from behind a cushion as I fear a horror show Saturday. I wonder how McGoldrick will celebrate his invevitable goal. 3-0 defeat. I can’t find anything positive to say about this one.”

“I expected to see Waghorn do well this season but Didz has surprised me not going to lie.
2 more for him today to take his league tally upto 15 and Sheff Utd on the verge of promotion. Crazy how things go.”

“Opposite for me, didn’t think Waghorn could have the same season but was absolutely certain Didz would leave and just nail it for someone.”

“I’m not surprised McGoldrick is scoring goals, I’m more surprised he’s stayed injury free.
Good luck to him”

“I loved watching Didz and creswell 🙁
Easily the best 2 players for me in the last 10 years”

“Just a lovely “proper” footballer. Can control, pass, dribble and shoot. Not sure the current strikers on our books have that ability when combined.”

“I’ve always said it – the most gifted player we’ve had over the past 10 years.
Whenever you’d ask the players about him, they’d say he was the best player on the books.
Even Chambers said publically last spring that you should never allow a player of his quality to have his contract wind down. He should never have been allowed to leave, simple as that.” “the best player we’ve had in the last ten years. But I was happy to see him leave. His injury record primarily but also it just felt time for him to move on. As it’s turned out he had plenty to offer, but clearly not for us. He has had a brilliant season and the move has been great for him.”

“That’s the one summer departure I can’t argue with.
His injury record here didn’t justify a new contract at the time. In hindsight it was a bad decision but seemed justified then.”

“The blunts have played to his strengths and protected him.
someone on the chatrooom earlier was saying how much running he had to do under mick; the lack of that has helped his contribution massively and maybe even helped reduce the injuries.”

“good luck to him and the Blunts. Not so long ago they were in League 1…”

By Roy

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