“Made up for him. Such a pro deserves to return there and he’ll put a shift in. As a player and end to a career he can’t lose with that”

“Great move for him and for the Blades. I think he still has loads to offer and especially for them as a newly promoted club. Will really miss him but hopefully he will be back at the club one day in some capacity.”

“Good luck skipper… Fantastic service to our club… We will welcome him very warmly”

“Will get the biggest roar at Goodison for a visiting player ever!! “I wish him all the best, got a feeling he will have a brilliant season just to show us up.”

“I miss him already”

“Jags can still do a job”

“Great signing for both of them”

“A great move for him and I wish him all the best.”

“Perfect move for him”

“Jags was proper, proper boss for us.”

“He got in the team in his latter years because even at half pace he was still a better defender than anyone we bought. In his peak he pissed over nearly every centreback in the league.”

“He’d be the best CB for the next 4 years at least if he went north of the boarder.”

“I love Jags, was a superb centre half for us and was still our best defender in his last real run under BFS. I wish him nothing but the best”

“Typical dogs of war defender and was very good at it. Was poor in possession though and I think that was the reason we never won anything in those times. Not his fault, we just didn’t have a ball playing centre half next to him. Wish him all the best. Will do a great job for a team coming up to the Prem.”

“Absolutely made up for him, will be a great signing for Sheffield Utd. Top pro, top fella and I hope he doesn’t take it personally when Bernard dummies him 27 times in the first half hour of a match.”

“Bottom 6 of the PL and top half of the Championship. That’s the top end of his abilities.”

“expecting sheff utd to spinelessly get relegated with jellyfish jags in the squad”

“I’ll never understand why promoted clubs think they’ll do well by buying busted flush hasbeens. It’s little wonder they usually go straight back down. I’d be a bit annoyed if I was one of their youngsters pushing through, with 37 year-old Jagielka coming in. I don’t understand is why Sheffield United think this is good for them. “

“Good luck to him. This move should’ve come 3 years ago though.”

“We outgrew Jagileka in about 2014/15. It’s a disgrace he was allowed to stay on beyond that, and it underlines how piss poor we’ve become – accepting players like him as ‘being good enough’.”

“I actually feel sorry for Sheffield United.”

“He was not a great player or a great captain.He had no leadership qualities whatsoever.”

“you give us 10+ good years mate but fck off now”

By Roy

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