“Firstly I think we should all say thank you to Calum for providing us with his talents for a number of years, the lad comes across from a distance as a decent sort of lad…. hopefully he will do well and go on and prove himself as a prem player. Could anybody not allow him this chance to firstly prove himself at a better level and make himself rich at the same time? I would suggest that deep down they are kidding themselves….. every club in the land at what stage or other has had to sell!”

“Best of luck to CR 7. Top lad. Good player.”

“Huge loss.”

“what a massive loss. Nothing against Robinson either follow your dreams pal”

“Cant blame him for going and cant begrudge the lad he has been excellent for us!”

“Good luck to him, think he’ll do really well”

“Terrible news for us. Undoubtedly a class player now who has started to show his potential.”

“progressed year after year and gave us your all. You deserve your chance at the prem big man!”

“been terrific for us, good luck for the future. Top pro”

“Anything less thsn £10m in this hyperinflated market would be hugely disappointing and I’d want more like £15m. “

“I couldn’t believe how Callum had bulked up last season and was far stronger on the ball. Good luck to the lad, I say, as it’s a short career. Make what you can and thanks for your efforts.”

“christ we got £10m for Hugill and Callum is a much better player imo …bit disappointing with all the recent guff that we are no longer a selling club ! off for a pint now to commiserate and we are still in pre season and we have lost our highest scorer from last season …it was beginning to look promising too”

“Leading scorer last season and a young, current international. 12 months to go or not, anything south of £10M is cheap in the current climate.”

“James went to Man Utd for £18m with 12 months left. He isnt worth £10m more than Robbo”

“I agree entirely, but James is younger than Robbo (not by much but still younger), United are morons when it comes to signings (they overpay constantly these days) and James became a high-profile sensation overnight with that goal where he ran half the pitch in the FA Cup. As a player, nowhere near Robinson. Just some added context meant he went for more.”

“I hate the amount we are getting for robinson.. Its an absolute joke but is it mainly because we know he’s worth more.”

“They’ve robbed us”

“Whoever he ends up playing for, either in the near future or further down the line, whether that be us or another club are very lucky to have him and have a genuinely quality player on their hands.”

“28 appearences 13 goals and he was out for half the season ffs”

“I dont think anyone would begrudge Robbo the move. He has earned the right to play in the Premiership and gave his all everytime he pulled on the shirt.”

“For me he looks like a top top Championship player which at the right club could impress in the Prem. If that’s Sheff Utd then we’ll soon find out. Good luck to him, it’s hard to deny a player a move to the Premier League, just think that £8M feels low.

“Not saying I’m surprised… but that’s ruined my day!”

“I like CR & I don’t think anyone can begrudge the lad a shot at the Premiership. However he needs to look at what happened to Cunningham who hardly got a game & is now back in our division albeit with a lot more money in his bank account. Sheff U will be in for a long hard season but good luck to him. “

“I hope we have a good sell on fee for when they are relegated”

“I don’t think it’s that big of a loss. He’s ok in this league, but he can be muscled out of the game too easily. Remember how good he was at Bristol City. I can’t see him doing it in the Prem, another JH.”

“Did you attend a single game last season? if you did, then you will know that post is a massive, steaming pile of horse shit. What has Bristol City got to do with anything, he hasn’t been muscled off the ball for ages and he’s clearly more than ok.”

“I’m surprised he thinks that Sheff Utd is the best premiership move, unless its the only one on the table. Might have been better sitting it out for this year, having a good season, and hoping a more established Prem team comes in for him. He’ll probably be back in the championship next year, and back on championship wages.”

“Probably the second name entered on the PNE team sheet. Can’t head, cant tackle and will just be a squad player in the Prem. “

“I would suggest most left wingers have weaknesses with their heading and tackling. Not exactly what they’re their to do. “

“He’s not a conventional winger. More a wide striker. We’ve played him as part of a front 3 mostly. He can play either side. Works hard and tracks back these days which wasnt always the case. He will provide goals and assists. Really improved his all round game in the last 2 years”

“shame but no surprise and 8mil is pretty good money for a player with 12 months left and been injured for half the season. hes also failed to perform anywhere but with us, sheff u are taking a fair risk too. “

“Won’t hit double figures in the Prem IMO…….didn’t miss him during his injury”

“Fucking bin Laden from the grave to terrorise Preston.”

“That’s me on the shots of bleach tonight.”

“Suicide rate in Preston just increased to 100%”

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