Views From Fans Of Östersund

“This player had a lot of potential but chose to be a badboy”

“Can be really good I think. I am a little split to. Dows well sometimes, but is not in shape yet can not be judged 100%”

“Morrison is not written off, so we have to give a little credit to our current management staff.”

“Morrison is calm defensively”

“I would have liked to have seen him start more”

“he does not seem to be fit”

“The plan with Morrison was to get him in shape for the championship”

“He will get into the Jamiaca squad soon. I wish him well”

“Its been a pleasure having him”

Views From Fans Of Atlas

“Ravel Morrison was transformed from attacking midfielder, to deeper-lying, “number 8”

“ he was mostly a deeper lying playmaker, which was interesting, and worked well.”

“I know why Rio Ferdinand would pay to watch him train”

“I love him”

“I thought he did pretty fair at Atlas, should have stayed longer.”

“Wish he had stayed”

“had a decent season”

“Ravel Morrison is a very skillful player that has no idea how to play soccer!”

Views From Fans Of QPR

“adel taarabt and ravel morrison‘s careers man .. what absolute waste of talents”

“First time around at QPR he had some brilliant games. Second time around he never seemed fit or trying very hard and rumours around the ground were that he rarely turned up for training, let alone on time. “

“Think you’ve got to look at the manager, when we had Ravel, ‘Arry had a different dressing room. I would of loved to see him back. “

“Well I’d rather watch a Taarabt or Morrison over Smith or a Mackie-type. “

“Was sent back to Lazio for not turning up for training, more than once. Wasted talent.”

“The clock on Ravel Morrison’s career is ticking”

“Thanks god we did not sign Morrison permanetly”

“He’s a bad egg”

“I’d love him back”

View From Fans Of Birmingham

“I wish we could get him back”

“I would love him back at Blues”

“He’s the type of player we’ve been missing!”

I’d take him back all day long”

“One can only dream. He’d be the missing piece I really think so”

“Feel like shit, just want Ravel back”

“Got quality, but I question his attitude.”

“He is a waste of space. Why do people keep banging in about old players. He did very little then and even less since.”

View From Fans Of West Ham

“Can’t believe he was forced out of West Ham. They should have built the whole team around him.”

“Built a team around a player who ended up at Östersunds FK? His attitude never matched his talent – and that’s why his spell at West Ham ended the same way it ended at every other club he’s played for. “

“Genuinely believe he had that much talent. He was running games in an essentially crap West Ham side. Then the contract happened. Stopped a player flourishing.”

“Morrison’s failures was of his own doing. He’s got nobody to blame but himself. “

“Too bad it didn’t work out, he was one hell of a talent.”

“Wish it had worked out at West Ham, he was ace at times”

“Very very talented but also an utter idiot and pissed his talent down the toilet”

By Roy

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