“£10million seems a good deal with less than a year left on his contract.”

“He’s a talented lad but flattered to deceive in my opinion. Good deal for us I say!”

“Hopefully we’ll get a buy back clause
Just in case!”

“I’m a bit sad about this one, would like to have seen him play more. Am concerned he’s no worse than Solanke on evidence so far. Happy for time to show otherwise!”

“Undoubted talent but flattered to deceive in his time with us.”

“he’s always had talent and I saw more in Lys than I’ve seen in Jordon (Ibe) IMHO. Wish him well and recognise there’s a chance he could really come good in the right setup.”

“An absolute wildcard, heck of a shot on him.
From the bench he’s a game change as so unpredictable…but has never changed a game successfully.”

“He never really did enough to be considered an established PL striker, so like us Sheffield are having to take a punt on him maybe realising some untapped potential in the future. Don’t think Lys has the stats to justify a higher price. His development here may have been hampered by a lack of game time so maybe Sheffield will get a bit more out of him. Will be interesting to observe.”

“Sad to see Mousset leave but probably best all round – fee will be interesting. Clearly talented but mercurial and inconsistent and I wonder if he will ever put it all together to realise that talent.”

“Can be a handful”

“All the attributes are there, he just needs goals, and that will come with confidence”

“Was our most improved player last season”

“Mousset had just 1200 mins as a bit player over 3 seasons. Hardly had a run to get going because Wilson King and Afobe kept him out.”

“A run of games would do him the world of good”

“A run of games is what he needs, never going to get that with us. I think there is a decent player in there and wish him well”

“Bitter sweet really. Can’t say no to the money, but he always shows a lot of raw potential and can be exciting, but similar to Ibe there’s always a lack of end product. He’s 23 now so there’s still time, but the clock has definitely started ticking.”

“actually think Lys did OK in the PL for us. Certainly in the 17/18 season when he was probably the best Plan B option we’ve ever had. A few things I think let him down:
His performances in cups left a lot to be desired. Same for a lot of our fringe players but especially Lys.
He seemed to enjoy the footballer lifestyle more than actually being a footballer. Not likely to impress Eddie
Again another speculative point but Eddie has often suggested he gets frustrated by certain players who don’t take on board his coaching. Possibly Lys was one of the culprits This move could either make or break him. Sheffield is a much different place to Bournemouth. I’m sure Wilder will have made clear he needs to knuckle down. If he does that he could do very well.”

“By some accounts Mousset is most talented player in training. We haven’t seen that on the pitch yet but there’s plenty of evidence in French U21s”

“It’s all good having talent in training. Theres been no time when they’ve made the most of it in the games”

“mousset is still raw, but we can’t carry raw potential.”

“Thought mousset was a good prospect to start with but changed my mind now. Has anyone else noticed he never seems very professional in the warmups . Always joking and messing around .Needs to concentrate on the job in hand”

“he seems to like the lifestyle of a footballer as opposed to actually being a footballer”

“Think Lys is the kind of player that can be both brilliant and terrible in the space of five minutes. We all urged him to reach his potential, I am not sure it would ever have happened and that’s what Eddie thinks too, apparently. Solanke is several levels above him, pretty convinced on that. We read that Solanke was bought in January unexpectedly early when he became available….so I assume now it was always the plan to bring him in and let Lys go.
Not sure I ever saw Lys come on and think….great….we”ll get back into the game now! But seems a nice lad, he does have talent, I wish him well and hope his lightbulb moment doesn’t come against us!”

“great potential but gets brain freeze when deciding whether to run, cross or shoot and ends up doing neither and losing the ball”

“League goals per season: 0, 2, 1.
From a forward…….
yes we can all point to limited minutes etc etc but the numbers just don’t stack up. Rantie4 had better stats……. I like watching Lys and think he’s a funny guy, he’s batshit mad crazy when he comes on even he doesn’t know what his body is going to do next but with those numbers you’re sort of admitting that you’re bringing on a forward to not do the thing that a forward is meant to do.”

“It will be fascinating to see how he does with a run of games .Some players are just not meant to be intact subs .We could have lost a gem ,we could have cashed in at the right time …personally I think Championship standard which hopefully he will be when United pick up one of those relegation spots “

“Wait… did we just basically swap Mousset for Brooks?”

“How much we paying them to take him”

“He plays one nice pass a match. No striker sense at all. As in zero”

“Will never be at the level required”

“£10m for that crap”

“Possible sum of over £35m for Mings and Mousset is unbelievable shithousery”

“After wasting money on players in past seasons its good to see Blake pulling others pants down on players. I’d have taken 15 for both”

“They’ll be testing Neill Blake for performance enhancing substances after this window. £36m for Mings and Mousset. What a summer that geezer is having”

“Game Week 1: Mousset scores last minute winner

Game Week 2: Mings scores last minute winner”

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