“a marmite player, some think he is up there with Messi, some think he runs around a lot and not much else.”

“He’s not the greatest player but he’s reliable”

“You can’t deny Benny the chance to play in the prem, but it would be a real shame to lose him, a proper player in the Pearce / Cohen mould, always gave it everything”

“I’d rather Osborn not leave, because I think he’s much better than people give him credit for, but if it’s a choice between the Premier League and a club that’s been nowhere near it for two decades he’d be mad not to grab the chance.”

“I think he’ll do better in the prem than in Champ – really hope he does well at Sheff Utd if he goes – think he needs a refresh”

“Let the lad go and have a taste of the big time. He’ll be missed more than most think. He can be replaced by a continental flair player.But remember this years continental flair player is next years bomb squad”

“I think Sheff Utd’s system probably suits him best. Can play as a wing-back or in their CM as a three.”

“We don’t play a system – if Lamouchi continues his previous systems – that suits Ben. We don’t need a left sided midfielder as we don’t play 433/352 and we don’t need a left sided wingback as we don’t play 352. He isn’t the strongest left back in the team and he isn’t the strongest left winger in the team.
Whereas Wilder does play a 352, which suits Ben to a tee as he can play either in their 2 central mids on the left or as a wingback.
He’s a victim of the style of football we’re playing. He’s good enough to cover any position on the left for us but none of those positions are where I’d say he plays the best football. He could be a backup #10 for us, IMO, but again he’s not been prolific enough in an attacking sense to really push Carvalho for the starting spot.
A massive shame, he will be a success elsewhere but this is the right move for player and for club at this stage in his career if it happens. If not, he continues and maybe he makes one of the positions in our system his own and I eat my words.”

“One of the things that has really warmed me to Osborb over the last few years is how he always shows for the ball regardless of how the game is going”

“Don’t want Ben to go, for various reasons mentioned above, not least of all him being a good footballer who has not been used properly by several managers. As a fan of the lad, however, I want the best for him, and he’ll know what that is”

“1 Osborn’s best position is clearly left side of midfield, with a decent left back behind him. He was most effective when it was like that and has created and scored some good goals when given that rile.
2 Saying that, we have Lolley who is our best left sided attacking midfield player and he creates and scores far more chances because of his direct dribbling, pace and skill.
3 As “one of our own” I would be sad to see him line up against us.
4 We keep bringing in continental show-ponies who haven’t paid off and I would pick Osborn ahead of all of them bar Carvalho.”

“We’ve had 6 or so years with Ben now, and IMO we’ll see what he could have been given prolongued time under a good manager like Wilder (of which IMO we have had several here)”

“there’s a reason Wilder wants him for a Prem fight and those who think we easily can do better need a dose of reality.”

“If Wilder can get something out of average players like McGoldrick and Leon Clarke, Benny should absolutely smash it at Sheffield United.”

“Wilder will now show everyone what a great player Benny is, and how we’ve wasted another opportunity with another player simply through the club being in a constant state of flux, and not embracing our own.”

“I reckon Ben will do a good job for Sheffield United as well, he will suit them well and Wilder is a good manager,”

“Every manager in Benny’s career have him as one of the first names on the team sheet, he regularly gets raves reviews from people inside football and gets regular premier league interest.
Not good enough to get into the side now we have signed players that literally nobody on here has ever seen play and valued at £1-2 million.”

“Benny gives 100% every game and buzzes around the opposition which is another reason for inclusion, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s because he is an outstanding footballer.
He’s an average footballer that works extremely hard”

“Average at best. Just runs a lot”

“Average championship player. Likes to do a lot of Cruyff turns and can float a ball onto a defenders head with his crosses. Oh yea he is a superstar because he works hard, gives 100% and scored against Derby.”

“shit. cruyff turns. loses the ball. can’t pass. works hard. (because he’s bad technically) shit. runs around a lot. and shit. “

“When I watch Ben Osborn on the ball sometimes and he looks like an 11 year old dribbling I just can’t excuse it”

“he’s been a mainstay in a team that’s achieved nothing. I’m not sure he’s even stood out.
If he aint the problem, then you have to build around him, where do you put him? he hasn’t even nailed down a position.”

“We have invested alot of time & money in the player, but can anyone say he’s found a position & made it his own?”

“He is an excellent pro who always gives 100% but his problem is he’s a great player to have on the bench. He’s great cover for a variety of positions but a master of none. So far. Good luck to him. He’ll be better off warming Sheff Utd’s bench for a season in the EPL rather than whatever happens here”

“Best as a CM in a 3 but not seen him there for a while, I’d take the money and wish him well to be honest, looks a deal that’s good for all parties.”

“Osborn’s best position I’ve seen him play is LWB. Too small and easily beat for LB, too slow and no trickery for LM.LWB can utilise his energy and fairly decent delivery.”

“Last season was comfortably the worst Osborn’s had since becoming a squad regular.
Ideally we’d keep him around because of what he offers but 5 seasons in, I still couldn’t tell you where I’d play him. LWB probably suits him the most but there’s no guarantee we’ll play that system with any regularity.”

“Why does he need to have made a position his own?
He’s been moved around mostly due to the clubs sketchy recruitment in certain positions, that’s not his fault. If anything it tells you he is good in 2 or 3 positions. It’s not done James Milner’s career any harm.”

“Hope they play him at left back. Will be a laugh”

“Wing-back is his best position IMO, not sure if we will be using wing-backs under Lamouchi though. Still can do a reasonable job in midfield, I prefer him to Yates, Yacob and Guedioura anyhow.
I hope he stays, but Sheffield United would be a very good move for him I reckon. Wilder knows his stuff and will utilise him properly rather than have the poor bloke playing left back every season.”

“Wilder need players to run through walls ? Ben will do it , then again and again and again . He’s a marmite player at the CG , me ? Rate him .”

“Most of the divvy forest fans who hate him is due to fact to him and families ly supporting derby”

“I was talking to one of the Sheff Utd coaches on Saturday. His view was that this season was a free hit. They were looking at signing decent top Championship quality players, staying relatively sensible with transfers, and not taking too many financial risks. With the knowledge that survival would be the ultimate bonus, and even if the worst were to happen, they’d have a balanced squad ready-made to hopefully bounce back, all the better for the parachute payments for a couple of years. Sounded sensible to me.”

“What are Sheffield United playing at? Are they actively trying to beat Derby’s record?”

“Sheff Utd are the scum of the earth”

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