“A season of regular football in the Premier League could be huge for him. Good luck, lad!”

“Hope he smashes it next season!”

“by next year if De Gea doesn’t play to the best of his ability, Henderson will have one more year of experience behind him and may be ready to take over the number 1 spot.”

“Henderson deserves a chance with us”

“he’s quality!! I would have him 2nd behind DDG … but having on loan is great for his growth”

“Unpopular opinion but I think Dean Henderson should leave united to progress his career. He has the ability to become one of the best English keepers but he can’t become that if he stays behind De Gea and Romero who are currently way ahead in skill and experience”

“He will absolutely get game time and will be fantastic for his development, and our financial security on a potential sale should they not be good enough to start for us.”

“I’d move De Gea on and reinvest in a keeper.
His shot stopping is the best in the world, when on form. His overall game is lacking compared to other keepers in the league.
Hopefully Henderson can develop his all round goal keeping game”

“Sell De Gea and promote Henderson now. 375k per week for De Gea is insane. “

“Not sure how he is going to get into the team next year when DDG is going to sign a new six year deal and will be undisputed first choice. Glad we tied him down though for the good of the club”

“Dean Henderson’s renewals this year and last are rare examples of United getting contracts right. His stock has risen greatly over the last two years and he’s an asset worth protecting, be it with a view to him becoming No.1 or United obtaining a big fee in the future.”

“I’m happy with how the club has treated him, as he pointed out himself too, and so happy to see him sign a new contract. Think he’ll go on to become the next Schmeichel for us.”

“He was great for Sheffield last season. A repeat of that in the Premier League would be great for his chances.”

“The Blades have made some good signings so it’s a great team to go out on loan for. Glad we’ve locked him down and he’s going somewhere good to develop. “

“I would like Dean and Axel (Tuanzebe) go to Sheffield United, Wilder plays good stuff and Axel would get to develop his offensive game a lot under him, Wilder likes his RCB and LCB overlapping like full backs and supporting the attack like the old Cruyff Dream Team 3-4-3”

“Nice excuse to watch Sheffield United games. “

“Glad to see him going back, will be a good excuse to catch Sheff Utd’s games next soon. Also great for Deano to improve in the PL week in week out. “

“Dean Henderson, Ravel Morrison and also (apparently) they play good football. Good reason to watch them this season.”

“Henderson is England u21 keeper and just had a good season in the championship so why is he behind Perriera who got binned off his loan spell last year”

“loaning him for at least 3 years or selling him with a buy back clause was the best option, he will be a complete keeper with playing minutes. Degea extending his contract means he has no chance for us for now”

“main problem with this pre-season squad is that we have opted for Lee Grant over Dean Henderson”

“Keep him, put him as our No 2 GK and play him for the cups.”

“Sell Jones put Henderson in defence we might have a chance of getting to the semis of the FA Cup. High hopes”

By Roy

One thought on “Man Utd Fans Reactions To Dean Henderson returning to The Blades”
  1. The Blades are very pleased that Henderson will be coming back to the Lane. Do not worry. Chris Wilder will look after him and make him into a real contender for the keeper’s shirt at Man U.

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