“£18m for McBurnie? Tough to turn down. That’s crazy money for him.”

“That’s insane money for let’s face it, a championship level player”

“I like him, and I’d like him to stay, but that’s silly money.”

“It’s a bit of a funny one with McBurnie – he’s very important to us, but £15-20m is way overpriced imo. “

“18m for a 20 Goal a season player seems reasonable to me.”

“Can’t help thinking Ollie’s stock is on the up, his commitment & goals will surely be worth more than 20 mill to us”

“If he is going then goalscorers are premium so should be looking at 20mn (hopefully no payments based on staying up or the like that because the Blades like Villa are coming straight back down).”

“Everyone saying sell for 15/18M – how much you do you think it will cost us us to buy 20-odd Championship goals next year?! FFS.. 15M for Oli on the eve of the season is irresponsible and bad business, unless of course the football side is if secondary importance”

“ McBurnie is a better out and out scorer than Che Adams at Championship level”

“Same age. BUT ollie has a better goals to game ratio in proper League fixtures 112/39 (a goal every 2.8 games) than Adams 163/45 (a goal every 3.6 games).
Sometimes we don’t value what is right under our nose, and Ollie’s value extends to his character and personality around the club as well…”

“I think we could be in danger of relegation without McBurnie, the whole squad are going to be devastated not just the fans. This could ruin our momentum.”

“A huge, huge loss.
When we’re collectively playing badly he’s the only one we have to step up and change it. The only one who frightens the opposition.”

“He’s a cracking footballer, as well as someone who can bag 20+ goals a season in this league. We’ll miss him if/when he goes. One of the best forwards in the league.”

“He should have had player of the year. To score over 20 league goals in his first proper season is nothing short of phenomenal.”

“Can’t fault him for effort his first touch is awful at times.”

“needs to get in a gym, play as a proper 9, stop being a baby to the ref every week, and work on first touch. “

“He may not look like natural footballer, but he looks like a natural goal scorer to me, a rare commodity these days.”

“Excellent first touch and uses his awkward frame well to compete. Nothing weak about him, very clever footballer.”

“He seems to be using his body better to shield the ball and his linking of play is excellent.”

“Don’t think he’s up to it as a 9. Our best 10 though.Needs to cut down on the tantrums though I agree.”

“A player who managed 24 goals almost exclusively as a #9 last season isn’t convincing as a #9.
I suspect satire is dead.”

“Not convinced by Oli in a deeper role TBH. For me he takes too many touches and isn’t nimble enough – probably due to his height and his centre of gravity”

“I have never seen so much fuss over a player who at times last season resembled a mascot who’d accidentally found himself on the pitch. Jesus Christ you’d think he was Pele the way some people are talking. He’s a good poacher but his all round game is lacking in many areas.  ”

” It will be interesting to see how McBurnie does.
IMO three things going against him;
1) he played best when there were a few of his under 23 college around
2) he played best when he was roaming and staying deep – will he be given the freedom
3) although he scored 22 league goals last season he did miss as many good chances – will the PL forgive those errors.”

“He’ll never make it in the Premier League.”

“Some said he wouldn’t do it for us at Championship level, good luck to him I hope it works out for him and we reinvest properly.”

“He wasn’t pushing for a move”

“Of course he wasn’t. It’s sheffield united.”

“Great city, lovely surrounding countryside, near to his home. I think he’ll find it quite attractive.
Although he appears to like being in Swansea..”

“Thank you Sheffield. 6pts last season and now £20m for McBurnie. We salute you!”

“They’re getting relegated anyway”

“Hasn’t cut it at International level in a poor Scotland side. Didn’t cut it in the Prem League in a poor Swansea side. Brilliant in the Championship as main man for a young Swansea side. Hope he does well in a relegation battle for an overachieving Sheffield United”

“he would do well again here if he stayed, and would probably even improve with another season and with the training from Cooper.
I don’t think it’s best for McBurnie either, Sheffield have  a high chance of coming back down, and he could lose some of the great confidence he has been building up to date.”

“I cant see him giving his all to Sheffield this season…going to be a unhappy player just like britton was when he joined Sheffield…so lets hope in Jan he wants to come back”

“In all honesty mate Oli always gives his all”

“they have spent some money going into the prem this year without selling any of their players. We never bought until we sold first, is this ambition or stupidity by Sheff United?
Also what light does that put on the situation with us over the last few years that we have done it “supposedly” the right way but still have this never ending black hole that needs filling. Going by all this, if Sheff Utd get relegated in 12 months time, they could seriously be in a lot of trouble.”

“Doing similar to Cardiff by signing good championship players, for an assault on the league if they get relegated, but at a much, much higher cost.”

“£40m+ they’ve spent and Ravel Morrison and Jagielka on serious wedge aftr arriving for free. The Fulham of this season, without the backing of a billionaire to prop them up when the inevitable happens. My first pick for relegation this season. Like Fulham last season, it’s like watching a car crash, or should I say pileup, happening before your very eyes. The poor signings are so clear to see, the only worse business I can remember was us signing Clucas, Bony and Ayew for £48m, with Sanches’ loan fee making it £50.”

“Terrible buy’s certain to go down!”

By Roy

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