“Started as reserve keeper at KV Mechelen and now the best goalkeeper in Belgium”

“Bad news for Henderson when Verrips comes!”

“Good keeper. However, I still see him with mom and dad last season after the friends match against Union in Kampenhout. Bizarre evolution”

“Verrips will undoubtedly have put itself in the spotlight of many (top) clubs” “I think most supporters are grateful to Michaël for the past season and would like to see him under the bar for another season. But also grant him a transfer, but not in this way, severely disappointed”

“Good keeper for sure, with a heart of gold. That’s what I thought. And then this week came …”

“first class opportunist. Using the match fixing as a bland excuse to get away”

“Strange, because just after the verdict he went full for an extended year at Mechelen .. Ridiculous guy”

“Victim role much ?? What a jankerd .. Because some people fake competition, he has to leave. He is just a dog who abuses the situation to have the clubs selected. This can therefore happen to other clubs when he goes there.”

“Ridiculous of Verrips, immature and unprofessional! Had a hero status for years in Mechelen if he had handled his transfer like a big boy. Not so!”

“Please let that fool test for drugs. What the hell is it? From hero to zero. Very low.”

“Nice what he has achieved, but now he behaves like a loser.”

“Greatest loser of all time”

“Should have done this immediately after the season. Now is pure opportunism and money gain. (madness of grandeur too)”

“he just wanted to force a transfer, no bid came in and then he just uses this. Pathetic seems to me to be a more correct term for such a person. Sheffield will certainly not buy him unless to sit on the couch.”

“Sheffield united borrowed Henderson from man united, who was the first keeper of sheffield last season. Verrips will then be reasonably unnecessary for them.”

“Verrips is also achieved as reserve keeper, because Simon Moore (current 2nd keeper) does not even have that level.”

“Money, money, money … real example of a traitor”

“This will go to court, he should get a six months suspension”

“I say ‘good riddance’ ..”

“What a bullshit”

By Roy

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