View From Arsenal

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“We won back to back away games in tough grounds. I welcome playing without fans “

“Good win, away from home. Onto Semis in the Fanless Annoying Cup. A grind”

“We’ve been the better team we deserve this victory. SHU have only troubled us on set pieces”.

“Future goat manager gets a win over Chris wilder who some laughably wanted here. We made sheff utd look awful and into the semis.”

“Imagine wanting that plumber Wilder as manager ffs”

“Of course Arsenal can’t handle a straight talking Brexit manager.

“Sheffield United didn’t out play us, they just scum bagged set pieces all game which we struggled with”

“So after this all bollocks about Sheffield United being a breath of fresh air and Wilder being some sort of hobo Guardiola are we all now willing to accept they’re actually Stoke with overlapping centre backs?”

“For all the praise Sheffield were getting this season, they’re just another Stoke City type championship-level team of ‘hard’ men aren’t they?”

“Watching Sheffield today like watching stoke”

“Sheffield Utd only looked dangerous from set pieces. We were largely in control.”

“Sheff Utd have had a mare, not sure Arteta will get so lucky in the next round!”

“Terrible goalkeeping but will take it with grateful hands.”

“Am I the only one that thinks we defended really well? Their two goals were clearly offside. We adapted a strategy of no men on the posts and a high line. On their two goals it worked and bar a Kolasanic hashed clearance we would have had a clean sheet.
The only time we looked suspect was at throw ins where ultimately we had to win the first ball which isnt always posible”

“We created a few chances and should have had more goals when we were on top.”

“We were terrible”

“Absolute crap from us”

“They’ve had more shots overall, more shots on target. Our midfield was over-run some of the first half and most of the second.”

“Totally outplayed”

“Very happy that we’re going to Wembley but the performance is staggering. We used to complain about getting dominated at the Bridge or Anfield. Now it doesn’t matter anymore. Leeds at home, we get whipped. Sheffield away, can’t string 5 passes together.”

“Fluke it FC, Arteta’s men. You love to see it.”

“the team couldn’t even string 5 passes together. We need to have the actual ball to even create a second. All we did that second half is keep giving the ball away, hoof it up only for SU to bring it straight back.”

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Roy’s Scrapbook

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After recently clearing out the cupboards at Roy HQ, I came across a scrapbook of Blades related newspaper and magazine clippings that that I compiled as child from 1990-1993. I thought some United fans may be interested in seeing some of the pictures I collected and joining me in a trip down memory lane….

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Pre-Match View From Wednesday

“no pressure on us, Pigs have everything to lose, all pressure on them, they’re favourites but on paper people forget we’ve still got strongest side”

“We had a chance to mug them at theirs if we’d stepped up in the last ten. Their legs and heads had gone at not being able to get a goal.
But we didn’t. Apart from that one chance we sat in and saw the point out.
They’re not all that, regardless of where they are on the league.
Wildpig will get his selection wrong and it’ll be all about winding Hutch and Forestieri up to gain an advantage.
He’ll set it up for Madine to run round trying to be Billy big bollox but that’ll just end up pissing the other Billy off.
If Forestieri plays this right then Bashsam could be getting a bath before half time. If Madine starts I can see him on a card inside ten minutes.
All we’ve got to do is stay calm, play out the initial piggy pashun burst at the beginning of each half, and hit them on the counter”

“I’m quite relaxed. We have nothing to lose.”

“I think it will be the most high intensity derby game in years. I think it will be proper fire meets fire but I’m always going to back a Wednesday win”

“Fancy us to create a mini upset, for the first time this season we look a confident side and are playing without pressure. Think we will go and try to win the game this time”

“They’ll rightly be favourites. But we have to be a lot more confident than the last time we played them.  We’re a different team. We have the quality and enough momentum to turn them over. But they could say the same thing.  All set up for a classic.”

“I’d just be happy to see us in their half”

“Free hit for us this one I reckon. Win and its party time and still with a shot at a crazy end to the season. Lose and it hurts but its not like they’ve ruined our season. We’ve been crap for most of it. Most blades I know are either arrogant about it or overly pessimistic as a shield. Whichever camp they fall into though, this is the game they want to win the most. They hate us and it defines them. Its proper weird” 

“Bloke I work with, a Blunt, said two weeks ago ” you Pigs are gonna get a right hammerin’ “. Couple of days ago it’s down to ” think a draw will be okay “. Told him we’d see on Tuesday morning. He said ” can’t I’m taking the day off”.  Wonder why.”

“It’s the Bruce effect. They were all giving it the big un pre Christmas. Now a little worried. 3 I know we’re all getting tickets and boasting how many points they had. Not one em’s got a ticket.” 

“Two neighbours of mine are suddenly not so confident. Both of them predict owls to win.”

“Must be worried there might be a repeat of the ” Mind The Gap 2012 ” season if we beat the scrubbers on Mon”

“If they beat us it’s Se la vie, if we beat them it’s the end of their season, be a handy three points for us though in our last attempt to reach the play-offs, wouldn’t it be nice to beat them then?”

“if we win or lose we’ll still be in Championship next season, massive pressure on them, look what a defeat to them did to our season back in sept 17. We can’t say there’s no pressure on us because we are the home team in a massive local derby, but in terms of league position the pressure is on them. I’m nervous, but not as nervous as the away game this season as I was adamant we’d get pumped, now we have Brucey in charge we have a great chance, I just hope we play with the same intensity as Tuesday, for me that was a great performance & I think we have to be at that level if we want to win as we all know how much they’ll be up for it with Wilder & also the fact they have the full LL end now!”

“Unsure how any pig is worried. Guaranteed play offs, strong contender for automatics. If we beat them, it would be an insignificant blot on their season if they go up.”

“Are the pigs ready for fessi hutcho bannan Hannibal…Jesus going to be some passion on the pitch”

“Tell ya now if we beat those pigs we’re in the hunt”

“No bugga wants to go up – well look out we coming for you UTO”

“I’m just gonna say what everyone’s thinking, we beat Sheff United Monday and the playoffs are on”

“A win on Monday will be fantastic especially if it dents their top 2 chances. Anything beyond this  is a Brucie bonus.”

“If we don’t make the playoffs then we can forget about promotion this season.”

” They can have the promotion and we’ll have the 3 points – that’s the real quiz.”

“Wilders strike force are journeymen to be fair. Both Sharp and McGoldrick haven’t scored many goals at this level for anybody else. He knows how to get the absolute best out of his resources.”

“I think it will be the most important game of blunts season. Can we kill off there promotion hopes again?”

“we cannot kill off their promotion push, but we can damage their confidence. I predict Wednesday to win and United to promoted”

“they were taking a top 2 finish for granted with 12 games to go in 2012……”

“If pigs manage to keep this form going, they will deservedly join Norwich, but while i can see them doing that, i can also just as easily see them tailing off when it matters, they are due a bad run, most other sides have had a few. in summary, there is a load of crap up there compared to the 2 seasons we had a run at it, had we timed it better, this last 2 years would have been easier to get up had we kept our $h1t together.. “

“I think they’ll get automatics now. Leeds look absolutely spent, and West Brom have looked all over the place when I’ve seen them recently. Monday is huge pressure/test for them though, as they need the win. Mess up and these things have a funny way of derailing a season.”

“They do seem to have an annoyingly strong mentality. The Villa capitulation would have broken some teams but they just bounced back with a couple of decent wins. “

“Sadly I think they’ll go up even if we beat them now. Easy run-in, Bristol C and Leeds aside. WBA and Leeds losing form and everyone else too far off. “

“United will win the league. Only thing I can see them not going up is a mental breakdown affer we’ve beaten them, or heavy legs/small squad starting to hit and hit soon.”

“Think top 2 will still be Leeds and Norwich. United to finish a close 2nd and actually do it this time in the playoffs. Anyway who’s bothered if United will go up? Yes they’ll be unbearable but after getting stuffed 5-0 by Man C, Liverpool and Spurs there spirit will be broken, they’ll go down comfortably and McCabe will take their parachute money for ‘safe keeping’.
They’ll go back down and waste their money like they did last time. “

“I think it’s a demographic thing why there fans are classless scrubbers”

” United sold 30,000 at the Lane in the last Steel City Derby, who were and still are pushing for automatic promotion. Wednesday are expected to sell 31,000 at Hillsborough a team who’ve had a boring and dull season. ‘SUFC are a bigger club than SWFC.’ Jog on.”

“Just like to congratulate Sheff Utd for selling a few more tickets than you originally got. Really impressive when you’re pushing for promotion and 3 miles away. Phenomenal support”

“Their hardcore support only just sold out for their table top clash with Norwich recently. “

“They only usually take 1,645 anyway. Should be loads of tickets let”

“They’re always moaning about how they hate Hillsborough, they trip over themselves to get here though. The Lepps too good for them” 

“This giving the pigs extra tickets is shocking. Don’t blame chansiri really for taking the cash but it’s shown our so called fans up for what they are though gloryhunters”

“Wednesday should have sold out for united match easily! Where is everyone that went to wembley and arsenal match?? Sick of seeing united fans wanking them sens to death because they are bringing 4000. they didnt even sell out when we last played and it only holds 32.000 but we should have ”

“We’re desperate for cash. If our fans aren’t buying the tickets, sell them to them. You should be questioning our fans, not DC.”

“The money from an extra 1600 tickets is hardly going to ease FFP
I’d have given the c**ts 1 ticket less than they gave us “

“Let the oinkers rain piss and coins down on top of their own after watching their team unravel before their eyes” 

“There were 30,261 at the sty, what’s the odds there were still be more at ours on Monday despite their feeble complaints?” 

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View From West Brom

“3 horse race now for top 2 or still 4 and possibly boro ?
Leeds away Friday is a must win imo if not be play offs “

“Come up against a decent side and we’re found wanting again”

“Won’t see a more comfortable 1-0 than that. Schooled. “

“The worst indictment is that Sheff Utd wanted it more. They were half a yard quicker all night.  We just cannot help ourselves giving goals to the opposition.”

“I’m actually disgusted by that performance, we looked like amateurs”

“So obvious it wasn’t working in midfield, all game we was overrun, all game we played it into the midfield and put ourselves under pressure. Automatic is done…over

Our home form is an embarrassment.

Why can we not win at home? Why can’t we build up a head of steam?

Why do we make the same mistakes every home game and nothing changes

I’m fuming tonight….”

“One of the worst performances I’ve seen. Absolutely clueless throughout, from start to finish. Just shocking. Before fans start with the “not Moores fault”, the man tells them to pass out from the back every time. Our players don’t know what to do. Sheff utd had time to pass and move, everything.He either doesn’t know how to change or he won’t. Pathetic. ”

” Pathetic absolutely pathetic performance that, completely void of all ideas all on the coaching staff. We’ve had about 3 games all season where we have performed well for a team with the supposed quality we have in it that’s not good enough. The home form is now a genuine problem. Playoffs at best and we’l get done over by Pulis. “

“One of the worst performances i’ve ever seen from a midfielder from Barry, lost it almost every time he had it, couldn’t pass, caught on it anytime he tried to dribble, provided nothing in defence. Been good most this season but that was an absolute shocker. “

“Sheffield United were the better side and probably deserved to win. Disgraceful from Rodriguez to be honest, that’s not the way we should be playing. Though if he scored it’d be a different story, I can guarantee that!”

“Got beat by a team with a better game plan”

“Sheff Utd just about deserved it. Our key players not on the top of their game. Not enough quality in final third, too slow build up.”

“Sheff Utd played well, defended resolutely first to the ball and kept it in possession.”

“It was a test to see where we really are in terms of promotion and the evidence suggests we will fall short of automatic as SU were just too good for us today”

“Wilders plan worked perfectly..could have stayed out for another hour and we still wouldn’t have scored”

“Sheffield United deserve credit, they did their homework on us and it paid off “

“Fair play Sheff Utd. Best team I’ve seen this season. Shut us completely down”

“credit to sheff utd took their chance look a decent side”

“sheff Utd so much better than us tonight,didn’t deserve anything”

Sheff utd did to us what we did to stoke a couple of weeks back…….perfect away performance from them.”

“Credit to Sheff Utd, thought they played really well, good football, good movement and a yard quicker in every position. “

“We made a good well organised championship team look better than they are really but again not surprised. Just scratching my head. Fair play to Sheff Utd . They look much more like a team than we do. “

“Sheff Utd had a weakened and makeshift defence tonight and we haven’t laid a glove on them. We’re getting worse going forward and the defending is as shambolic as ever. That’s automatics out of the window. Can’t see past Norwich and Leeds walking it now. Time to start looking for a proper head coach, away form the only thing keeping him in a job.”

“I thought Sheffield United were a decent side, nothing special based on tonight but also dont think they really got out of 1st gear it was that easy for them. They thoroughly deserved to win and to be fair you can see why there fans were so confident as they are a better team than us, i dont like them as a club but it would be good to see a team who plays that way go into the premier league as they have a go. “

“Players had very little passion today and sheffield united arent a particularly goods side nor for a minute do i think they will go up but they wanted it more than us”

“I don’t actually know if Shef Utd are any good, as they didn’t need to be against us. All they had to do was work hard, press us when we had the ball knowing that we would eventually pass it to them. A solid, workmanlike performance which sees at least one team promoted every year, such as Hudds Town and Cardiff in recent years. “

“Thought Sheffield United were a dirty bitty side only interested in gamesmanship and time wasting. “

“Sheff Utd in fairness were excellent for the first 30mins with the way they knocked the ball around.  After that they were pretty garbage”

Sheff Utd are hard working but ain’t world beaters. “

“Regards Sheffield United I thought they were a functional side nothing more, still expect to finish comfortably above them,  and would be more than happy to meet them in the play offs if we don’t make top 2. They stuck to their game plan while Barry and Harper had their worst performances of the season. Got themselves in front after a mistake then through a combination of 11 behind the ball, diving, rolling around, gamesmanship and time wasting held us at bay. Not how I’d want to win but each to their own. Fleck’s a dirty little t**t too. “

“Even in defeat you can see that we have the better team”

“We dominated just didn’t take our chances. Still think we’ll win the league”

“Sheff Utd definitely looked fresher than us from the start. Extra couple of games because of the cup and replay and the QPR game on Tuesday seemed to take their toll. Maybe because we finished the game at their place on cruise control we expected it to be the same. “

“Our fans claiming that Sheff United were average is just completely ridiculous. Why? Because they didn’t spank us? We were poor but they played us absolutely perfectly. We could still be playing tomorrow and the game would finish 1-0″

“Sheffield United pounced on with an energetic but disciplined display, credit to their fans who were superb throughout but unfortunately I can’t say the same regarding our fans, some need to learn how to take the lows not only the highs!”

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Pre-Match View From West Brom

“Massive game this is, we need to win. Don’t really care how, just need to win”

“Think it will be a cracker and we will come out on top.”

“This is a massive game for us, win this and I think we’ll get automatic promotion. I always love beating Sheffield United to be honest (much prefer Wednesday) especially if we have a pretty full strength then I think we should win, however our home form has been terrible and we’ll need to find a way to break them down. If they play gung-ho against us, I think we’ll beat them, bit like the Leeds game.”

“no disrespect to these but come on this should be targeted as a win. i cant think of one of their players who would get into our team. its time for our players and coaching staff to give us a performance that stands out”

“none of their players would get in our best 11. They are punching miles above their weight this season, I’ve never considered them a serious threat to the top 2. Fail to beat these on Saturday and Norwich and Leeds have the automatics in the bag.”

“we should have enough to beat these,with Murphy and Harper improving and Gayle and Phillips back,it will be the usual stupid short passing at the back and in midfield going astray making us own worst enemy that is our biggest problem,maybe at home we need to let the opposition have more of the ball and hit them on the break,rather than us having to attack them.”

“Tell you what, the users on the Sheffield United forum are overly confident aren’t they? Incredible stuff. One thinks they’ve got the best strikers in the League, that’ll be Billy Sharp, David McGoldrick, Gary Madine and Scott Hogan? Ermm no mate. Most think they’ll beat us easily on Saturday, I’m dumbfounded.”

“Billy Sharp is having a great season, he is my biggest concern.”

“The Blades fans are quite confident aren’t they?
Funny they weren’t so happy a week or so ago when they threw away a 3 goal lead in 9 minutes. Expect us to smash them on Saturday, horrible little club that doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the premier league.”

“As Leeds, Sheffield United, Bristol City and Norwich (2nd half away and 1st half home) know when we play anything like we can no team in the league can live with us and as per the above, that includes the top teams as the results show. Out the top 6 we have only lost to Middlebrough (twice) so far but with how football works that was always going to happen with it being Pulis. The issue we have had is consistency, as everyone keeps pointing out we probably do have the best squad in the league but football dont always work like that, if it did Man United wouldnt of been halfway down the premier league a few weeks ago with the players they have. If we play to our best and Sheffield United play to their best we will beat them comfortably same as we would every other team in the league as past results show. That is not being arrogant and there is no saying that will happen, your not always at your best and different factors play a part, i think saturday will be a hard game and i wouldnt be surprised if it ends up a draw.”

“I like Chris Wilder and i think Sheffield United are a good team, however i dont like them as a club, never have, much prefer Sheffield Wednesday and i am not too sure why they are so cocky and sure about winning, they may want to recall the game at their place when after the first half hour they barely got a kick, we won at a canter despite it only being 2-1, we controlled the game relatively easy. “

“Just been on their forums and wow are they deluded! Someone said on there we are a top 10 Champ team and that’s it.
Can’t wait to stuff them on Saturday and then see what they say!”

“We have the better players so should win but it doesn’t always work out like that.  No reason why we can’t put 4 or 5 past them, even Villa managed 3!”

“Any team that concedes three goals in 10 minutes to a Villa team without Grealish probably shouldnt get too cocky. “

“Sheff utd showed against the vile that they have a soft underbelly”

“Have you noticed that most of the other managers say that we should be top because we’ve got premier league players.
They’re sort of saying well we should lose but if we win its a great victory.
Gets on my nerves trying to be a win win for them etc”

“Anyone remember first home game of the season after relegation in 1986, when Shef Utd were the visitors for a night match. Only time I have ever seen away fans in such numbers in the BRE.”

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Loan Updates

All in all, December wasn’t great month for the Blades out on loan. Sam Graham is back at United following a disappointing spell at Oldham, along with Jordan Hallam who only started 3 games for Chesterfield due to injury. Ben Heneghan has also been injured as have Ricky Holmes and Samir Carruthers at Oxford United. Regan Slater is fit but didn’t start a game over the Christmas period and he isn’t featured here either.

Fleetwood Fans Views On Ched Evans

“Did not get a sniff but like Madden worked hard and worked hard defensively too.”

“Like Madden worked his socks off and was cool as ice when it came to the penalty in front of the loud away support. Another good shift.” “Won the penalty and the coolest man in Highbury to slot home the subsequent spot-kick.”

“He will get at least 20 this season”

“16 I reckon, Madden 20”

“I actually think our front 3 are having a great season, Evans and Madden are class acts along with Hunter”

Barrow Fans Views On Rhys Norrington-Davies

“Norrington-davies was immense”

“Norrington-Davies might be more likely to break through at Sheffield United than Smith”

“He’s got a real chance of being a top, top player.”

“Man Of The Match today”

“Superb cross for the goal”

“Norrington Davies has got to stop that cross coming in, instead he gives the player space to deliver the cross”

Notts County Fans Views On Nathan Thomas

“I think he’s improving every game. After showing occasional glimpses of his quality earlier in the season, he seems to be backing it up with some work ethic.”

“Possibly his best game in a Notts shirt. Big threat going forward but worked harder off the ball than I’ve seen, typified by his pressing which led to the second goal. Not been a fan but no qualms about him starting when he plays like this. Great work for the penalty.”

“Thomas closed down and harried all game which made a massive difference to his all round game and us. He’s probably on the ball for around four minutes in the game so it’s crucial to physically get in oppositions face for the other eighty six minutes and to try and have some effect with the ball for those brief moments. Today he did and if he keeps it up as part of that front three we won’t have to defend deep for large spells of the game.”

“I found Thomas to be quite frustrating at times”

“Thomas has shown flashes of skill.”

“With 1 goal from about 60 shots, he must have set a new low for chance conversion so at least he’s had an impact.”

“I sometimes wonder what would happen if we had another winger who was a better version of Thomas”

“Thomas is dreadful, he missed a one on one today that would have saved us.”

“waste of a wage. Looses the ball, hides when we are in possession.”

“Thomas in-particular endured an awful cameo, blazing one decent chance over and twice giving it away in key areas.”

“Well you might as well brought me on. A very genorous 1/10”

“Send him back”

“Frustrating as he is, I’d keep him until the end of the season”

Queen Of The South Fans Views On Callum Semple

“Came to the club when we needed a CB urgently.
Has been fantastic from his trial game against Hearts to the result of our season so far at Inverness today.
Strong, Calm, excellent in the air and on the floor.
28 appearances and over 2000 minutes played. A successful loan signing if ever there was one and let’s hope we have forged a good relationship with Sheffield United to attract further loan players.
Will follow his career with interest.”

“Absolutely, a terrific loan signing and complete success. The boy is as strong as an ox but he will need to be up against some of those giant forwards down south..Comes from Scottish parentage so might be capped for Scotland even if it’s at least the under 21’s.”

“He’s never put a single foot wrong since he’s been here. Young lad and slotted into this level looking like he’s played for years. He’s got a bright future ahead of him.”

“Sheffield United are third in the English Championship only 4 points off the top. This team would be extremely difficult to get into at the moment. I reckon going onto another loan at a higher level than us is probably correct”

“Both Callum and Queens certainly gained from his loan spell with us and I wish him all the best for the rest of his career wherever he may finally end up. Hopefully he does not go back to Sheffield simply to warm the bench as that would surely be a waste for this talented prospect.”

Bury Fans Views On Caolan Lavery 

“Was really good – showed intent and an eye for goal. The silver lining in today’s grey cloud!”

“Bang goes the myth that he wasn’t going to play a part thus season once back from injury.  Could be just what we need as we reach the stage where the squad needs refreshing.”

“Excellent today. “

“Really impressed with Lavery. Quickly got into the game, looked lively, found space and took his goals well. A contrast to the gutless, aimless display given by both Byron Moore and Nicky Maynard.”

“Lavery is one of those players that is in the right place at the right time. Good work rate throughout.”

“Lavery is a useful player but he does his best work on the floor. However, he is a good option in the closing stages of games.”

“Lavery is a good option and think he will be vital if we are to sustain a promotion push.”

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View From Barnet

“One of the best results in the club’s history.”

“My best moment in 25 years following the bees get in there”

“Our greatest FA Cup moment. The only other 2nd division side we’ve beaten in the FA Cup was Colchester Utd in 2007 but that was at home and the Blades are a much bigger club.”

“The best experience supporting Barnet since winning the Conference in 2005. Well done the team, the management team and 996, now voiceless, members of the Beearmy. COYBs !”

“Am ecstatic !!! So happy for everyone at the club, we’ve had such a horrible few years….and now this”

“Actually crazy, like wtf. Non league beating a team that could potentially be prem next season.”

“We were composed, kept our shape superbly and attacked with no little flair. Cousins didn’t have that much to do apart from that amazing save at the end.”

“Brilliant performance. Totally matched them and kept calm and held our shape throughout. Showed great composure to keep the ball and didn’t resort to time wasting tactics. Wow. Awesome performance.”

“Just for the record, I don’t care that Chris Wilder made 10 changes for this game & that his and Sheff Utd’s priority is obviously promotion to the Premier League. Barnet are wallowing mid-table in the Conference & they are on verge of Premier League millions. AND we were away”

“84 places between us and the Blades!”

“Sheffield have only lost once to non league and that was to Altrincham so in their fans words has the potential to be the most embarrassing in their history.”

“What a fantastic performance from start to finish. So glad we came. Nice touch to see some Blades fans clapping the Barnet team off.”

“Class from the Sheffield United fans for the credit they are giving Barnet! Best of luck for the rest of the season”

“Fair play to all at Sheffield United. Just weren’t up for it on the day. All the best for the rest of the season. Hope to see them in the Prem next season. It’s just the magic of the cup”

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View From Blackburn

” On the plus side, we don’t have to play Sheffield Utd again in the league this season.. “

“Sheff utd were one of my picks to go up this season – and nothing I saw today changed my mind. And honestly, I hope they do go up. Just because if we’re gonna get dicked 3-0, at least it was to a team that got promoted…”

” At the end of the day, we’ve just played the top two in the Championship and the best team to visit Ewood this season. It was always gonna be tough. “

“They are top of the league for a reason”

” If Ben Brereton is worth £7 Million then what is Billy Sharp worth? A quality striker and the difference today. “

” Sure as the sun sets. Sharp scores”

” The one quality striker on the pitch and he makes the difference. What do we do leave our best striker on the bench, start the dud Brereton and are now playing without a striker.”

“God 3-0, that’s a drubbing from the position we were in. When I checked and saw 0-0 and an extra man, I had a feeling we would win 1-0. Christ this is getting annoying ”

“We cant defend leads in 90th min. We cant even score against 10 men, We have no ideas how to attack 10 men even when we have 11 men. The mentality in the team is so wrong. “

“We have an advantage, do nothing with it, and then everything falls apart. Our results are becoming all too predictable. “

” Today’s game in a nutshell. 11v11 comfortable. 10v11 well in control. 10v10 imploded. Serious Lack of confidence in the squad when we concede”

” I stand by mowbray did the right thing today regarding the line up. I haven’t seen the game so no comment there but players had a chance today and blew it. Whether down to tactics, substitutions, player quality or desire to surrender like that is not acceptable. A loss was virtually inevitable , to lose by that margin something drastic is wrong. “

“No team when 0-0 Against 10 men should lose by 3 goals and counting. Not even amateurs. Shocking. “

” Against 10 men again and we play for a point. Any other side would go for it. Getting boring now. Constant negative tactics.”

  “Constant passing at the back ain’t gonna worry Sheffield”

” 70 minutes of solid hard work undone in under 15 minutes. Terrifying thing about Rovers is the speed with which we collapse. “

“Pathetic, weak group of players & manager. Thick as pig shit the lot of them. “

” We had that game there for us and then we ended up bottling it. “

” Weird game. First half I thought was 1000% better than the stale old shite we’ve been watching since the QPR game. Smallwood was having a great game, Travis and Reed were providing the urgency we usually lack in midfield and Rothwell and Palmer were inventive on either flank. Without unduly threatning Brereton looked a very mobile outlet and at half time I was very happy. Second half the worst thing that could have happened was them going down to ten. We seemed to lose all our urgency and started to knock the ball out aimlessly sideways and backwards as is our wont. Still no major need to panic at that stage though. However I thought the manager got the subs completely wrong. If he was bringing  Brereton off, Graham needed to come on and taking Palmer off was really harsh as he’d had a good game I thought. Armstrong came on and started on the right wing then floated about a bit and barely touched the ball. With Dack dropping deep the changes left us a goal down and no-one up front. “

“Mowbray went with a brave team who took the game to Sheffield United and then made unnecessary changes. You would think we were at man down at some point in that game such was the capitulation. We went from being in control to an absolute hammering and it was the result of the changes. “

“We seemed to have held our own, they were down to 10 men. Smallwood, and woeful substitutions (again), have done for us. “

” Can we be anymore pedestrian in possession. Never a red card, ref was dying to even it up. “

“I’d like to see the sending off again. Smallwood may have gone in slightly studs up but it was a split second thing and the referee who’d been getting the bird off the crowd couldnt seem to wait to pull a red out and even it up. “

“Watched our red two or three times – some matches it wouldn’t even be a yellow (especially when you consider earlier Sheff Utd challenges). However Smallwood is stupid to give the referee the opportunity – which you could tell he had been waiting for by the speed he got his card out (good referees give themselves time to process what they have seen).

“He dived in to a stupid tackle that he didnt really need to make taking both one of their players and Bennett out ”

” Smallwoods ridiculous challenge was clearly meant as revenge on Sharp for his foul on Travis moments earlier. Given how Travis was banished from the team after his stupid sending off last season, I’d hope the same is applied to Smallwood. “

“Totally unbelievable.  Smallwood damn fool. “

” if Smallwood hadn’t got himself sent off today, we would have definitely only lost by 2.”

” Joe Rothwell in the last 2 games: Leeds away – His lazy clearance invited more unnecessary pressure which led to the winner Sheff Utd away – Dived in the box which allowed them to counter and score their second Can’t say I’m a huge fan yet “

” Dean Henderson’s still a monumental bellend”

” Thinking of the two Sheffields, I much prefer the Wednesday one… “

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LOAN UPDATE: Bury Fans Views On James Hanson

“Clearly wasn’t fit when he was brought in on loan.”

“Looked unfit all season”

“Didn’t score at all and didn’t look like scoring”


“Was like playing a weakened team with him”

“Lowe and Day said with the likes of Bunn, Hanson, Mayor and Harry Houdini, it’s only a matter of time before the goals start to poor in….. but which net I wonder? I’ve aged about 20 years in the last nine months….”

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Pre-Match View From Bolton

“Defeat at Middlesbrough means we have failed to win away in our last 37 games. Saturday’s trip to Sheffield United will come 1,000 days since we won 3-0 at Cardiff on April 6th, 2015”

“we’ve played 104 championship away games since relegation, won 16, drew 27, lost 61.”

“We will win away again in this league eventually.”

“I’ve been to countless matches under Parky’s reign and been quite mortified by the style of play. I don’t deny that. But can you honestly say that with this group of nobodies – loan players that haven’t started shaving yet, cheap freebies, etc. – he could give some other strategy a go, and if it didn’t work, everybody would stand back and say: fair play, we tried something different, we’re still shit, we’ve just gotta see out this season and let Parky start rebuilding again for League One.”

“You massive knob. Against Sheffield Wednesday we were superb, the game could have gone either way but we won and created a shitload of chances.
The players have proved they can do it, but Parky still insists on this spoiling tactic THAT DOESN’T FUCKING WORK.”

“If he actually tried something new and we started to actually play a bit of football then i think most fans wouldn’t give him any more shit than he already gets if we did get relegated.
What do we have to lose? All this blind optimism that we just keep doing what we are doing and it will come good is just wishful thinking, we’ve had a bit better form of late but we are still in the bottom 3 and as i said we have little actual goal threat.
People will just not pay good money to watch us at the moment so KA is deluding himself if he thinks people are going to turn up to watch us play route one and start with 1 striker and 2 holding midfielders at home.”

“Can’t see much from this sadly”

“I can see a dam good thrashing for us.”

“Another defeat looming here”

“Just enjoying the day out and anything is a bonus”

“Just been reading some Sheffield fans saying we can’t be worse than Sunderland hmm….”

“Sheff U win 9-0, Ken Anderson sitting in the home end shouts, “your support is f*cking shit” to the away end.
10 minutes delay added on at the end, due to a Beevers long ball entering orbit, getting Parky aroused into the process.”

“I am now at the point where the actual away game is spoiling a day out on the beer, especially in this weather. Strangely though, I fancy us to take something from the game.”

“Personally think Sheffield over rated if we go for it think we can win it 2-3.”

“We wouldn’t score 3 if they played with 9 men and no goal keeper.”

“They have lost their early season form. We can get a draw”

“When they were flying at the start of the season and we were losing to nil every week they only scraped a 0-1.Bolton to square the ledger and nick a 0-1 themselves.”


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