View From Newcastle

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“Decent win in the end, should’ve been more but for their keeper and some iffy decision making. But decent result.”

“I thought we played well although it almost always seems to go through ASM.”

“Bruce’s army hanging on in there. Yawn.”

“Jesus Christ a wins a win. But **** me we make it hard work.
No one can watch that game and tell me that Bruce isn’t a dick.”

“Amazing having fans back”

“Great to see fans back like”

“Wow what a difference the crowd makes at St James great atmosphere.”

“What a stinking gam.Nice to make sure the fans in attendance get the full Steve Bruce masterclass. “

“I’m telling you now, if that cabbage heed prick is in the dugout first game next season, I definitely won’t be watching. 34% possession at home to Sheff utd. I mean, in isolation it’s a ****ing sackable offence.”

“Classic Bruceball. Total muppet!”

“game… 3/10, mainly due to willock.
crowd…. 0/10,nothing about bacon, one barely audible anti-ashley chant.
pathetic in all honesty.”

“No way are we signing Willock”

“That we have years more of Ritchie and Gayle is frightening. Willock will go somewhere ambitious and we’ll be drafting Fraser back into the side.”

“Yeah no takeover and no willock.”

“5 at the back at home against the worst team in the league”

“for a variety of reasons I haven’t watched a single game of ours this year, mostly because the sight of the fat mess in our dubiously named technical area properly makes my flesh crawl..”

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View From Everton

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“Its getting harder and harder to follow this club. I’m just really really tired.”

“At least fans of Norwich, WBA etc have fun winning promotion
We just exist in limbo”

“Better team won”!

“Lucky not to lose by more”

“Well done Sheffield United, fully deserved their win.”

“fair play to the Blades. They played and fought us off the park.”

“Yep, bossed the midfield, defensively brilliant and full of energy all over the gaff.”

“We weren’t just outfought by Sheff U tonight, we were outplayed. That’s by a team with 5 wins and 2 draws all season before tonight.”

“Outfought and outplayed for long periods.”

“Sheff U, no manager, nothing to play for, showed us what its like to play for the shirt.”

“A team that has been relegated five or six games ago, has just outplayed, outthought, and outthought our team and have utterly deserved to win “

“Sheffield Utd were a technically gifted side tonight compared to us”

“A team with nothing to play for who were relegated ages ago showed more fight and cohesion than we have all season.”

“Disgraceful,that must be the easiest game Sheff United have had all season,against possibly the best side we can put out”

“Sheff Utd didn’t even need to play that well, they scored but didn’t even have to sit back.”

“Managed to make them look like Brazil, didn’t we?”

“Face it, Sheff U had nothing to lose and were playing for pride. We were the opposite.
And like a lot of teams this year they scented blood early on. They just had to shut us out to win it and it’s scarily easy to do.”

“Picking wages up for sod all and damn sight more than at Sheff U”

“Sheff Utd are a Championship standard team but they play with patterns and repeatable actions.”

“Yet again outbattled, and tactically worked out by so called lesser teams and coaches.”

“Annoying seeing the Sheff Utd management team buzzing. They can’t believe the let off they have had with how we have been. “

“The Sheffield players want to put themselves in the shop window. “

“I’m not calling for Carlo’s head but he’s equally culpable for these grotesque performances. He picks the formations and players, is supposed to provide specific roles with a coherent vision. He’s a manager despite how substandard the team is, his mission is to find a way to get the team to perform. Especially against the most abysmal team in the premier league. However how bad our team is , it should be better than Fulham and Sheffield”

“There is no way there was only one David McGoldrick on the pitch, There was at least 3 of them”

“He seemed to be all over us. Dominating our midfield.”

“Amazing how we allowed a 40’year old mcgoldrick to look like prime Cruyff “

“Said the very same earlier….!!!
Dropped into the holes, picked passes out, beat players for fun and he’s pure shyte”

“Among the worst performances of the last decade. Not even basic skills were present. Complete lack of effort, passing, movement, communication, awareness and skill. Pathetic. McGoldrick was made to look like Messi.”

“Imagine how we let a 17 year old have a tap in for his first start. We’re really very nice aren’t we?”

“Beaten by a non league player. Can it get worse”

“One of the worst teams in Premier League history are schooling us at home , what a time to be alive ! “

“That was like watching a Jack Whitehall concert.”

” cheers Everton.”

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Pre-Match View From Everton

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“Another game? Aaaarrrgh. What have we done to deserve this?”

“Why do you build me up. Everton. Baby . Just to let me down.
We go again in this never ending season.
We still cling on to European hopes following a boring 0.0 draw against the Villa . A game lacking excitement that we could have snatched late on.
Next up is a home game against the worst side in the league already relegated Sheffield United.
They have been terrible all season . We need the win . Are at home. What could possibly go wrong.”

“The game everyone has been waiting for.
Skills and Tekkers AOTS.
A festival for the eyes of every football fan.”

“This game will be absolutely putrid viewing.”

“Even thinking of watching this game is boring me”

“I’d rather spend 90 mins arguing with a COVID denier”

“Covid does not exist”

“Who cares, just play the kids. Sick of the lot of them”

“Big home defeat incoming here. Just to round the season off nicely”

“One of the worst PL teams in some time, already relegated, best MF out injured, best FW been nicked…
Everton are finally going to reach peak Everton, here.”

“Too many pessimists on here. I go for 0-0.”

“Sheffield United’s away record this season W1 D1 L15
They have scored 18 goals in total this season which is still 2 behind Derby’s record low of 20
The trouble is Sheff Utd lose an awful lot of games by a single goal. They rarely get hammered and are arriving at a time when Everton have their lowest points per game total at Goodison in their history.
Does anyone care?”

“surely just surely even we will beat sheff utd who have 1 win at man utd in Jan,1 draw at Brighton in december while losing the other 15, sheff utd have also only scored 7 goals away while conceeding the 2nd most away”

“Sheffield United have looked very poor since relegation was confirmed, so surely we can’t mess this one up.”

“We will score 4”

“Jags notches last minute to take the points…”


“Jon Moss reffing. He will still outrun some of our slugs”

“What an absolutely horrendous time for a football match”

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View From Wolves

“A win but God awful.”

“I’ll take the three points, but that was an absolutely dreadful performance yet again.”

“Awful match but 3 points against a bottom of the table team who were probably better than us!”

“That was a football match, with two halves. I have little more to say”

“Aside from a nice move for the goal, it’s a pretty disappointing effort against the worst team in the league. Yes we have injuries to key players but we still have enough talent on field to cause them more problems than we did.
However, it’s a win, a clean sheet and we relegated Sheff Utd”

“Turgid, boring, dull, pragmatic.
We won.
Football at its lowest point for entertainment and I include Pulisball in that.

“Another yawnfest. I barely watched really, much like the end of the Jackett era, just turning up (in this case putting it on TV) because that’s what you do.
Covid permitting I’ll be there again next year home most most aways, but realistically if it wasn’t basically a religion why would you”

“Without big changes, we will be in the relegation battle next season.”

“Awful game of football between two poor teams. Consolation is we won and there’s only six more games to go.”

“The lack of fans is just making this all dull as dishwater now.
As for the match, I’m just glad it’s over.”

“Seriously what has happened to us? Win yes, bloody awful performance once again.
Need a massive overhaul or we‘ ll be doing a Sheff U next season.”

“Much like the Fulham game, no point in pretending we did well, did we do enough to win the game though, probably yes. They offered practically nothing (as you might expect from a team rooted to the bottom with their goalscoring record), wish the comms would have shut up about them “deserving” something, on what basis? We know where we are, play three centre halves and we’re broadly speaking very hard to score against but create very little ourselves, a back four and it’s like a basketball game.”

“Despite offering them encouragement SU could have played until midnight and not scored. Possibly the most unmemorable game under Nuno.”

“Boring game. If Sheffield had any decent quality upfront they might have got a goal.”

“Awful. Watching Wolves this season is not an enjoyable experience at all. Our games have generally been terrible entertainment. And that is because of the way we play. Its horrible. If we start next season playing like this then Nuno will not be getting any sentimental goodwill from many fans. We are horrible.”

“I’m conflicted on the one hand I hate this season, think it’s a facsimile of real football, we were without 4 of our best 11, we aren’t going down and we won.
All that said, I’m concerned by Nuno, the negative approach against a side with zero confidence isn’t acceptable and it’s a consistent tactic. If I could change one thing about him it’s that, there is no reason to feel your way into games like tonight. 4231 is too gung ho, 343 too conservative. I don’t know why he can’t get the balance right in either”

“Thought McGoldrick looked OK.
Who should we have? Willian Jose for £20m or McGoldrick for circe £2m?”

“Going off the scale used for a and b options, c would be Leon for 200k”

“We won, not a good performance though, my god we missed Neves. Three points though, so lets not be dispondent.”

“GUYS, GUYS…. we beat them! they’re tied for earliest relegation of all time, but at least they didn’t do the double over us like the almighty huddersfield. “

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View From Fulham

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“Sheff Utd become the first team to lose 20 of their opening 25 top-flight fixtures.”

“Sheffield United all but down now, surely”

“Sheffield are relegated”

“Sheff Utd deserve to go down, banking on a long ball and a flick on! Glad football won!”

“Not sure why Sheff U seemed to be playing for a 0-0 draw given their dire league poisition”

“I’m surprised that Sheff Utd came and sat right back. Surely they have to win? They gave us trouble at their place first half when they had a right go. Very odd”

“Dear lord, Sheff Utd are absolutely hopeless going forward”

“Don’t want to be too harsh but Sheffield United have their complete second choice back line out there – a bottom of the table team – and Maja hasn’t had a sniff “

“We’re going to do this folks! Championship lovers sit your butts down.”

“From 10 points behind safety to only 3 (for now) incredible.”

“I never saw this coming. NEVER. Speechless.”

“Massive result. 7 points in last 3 games in 7 days. IIf you need to win ugly it is fine by me. It is a results business.”

“Not bothered by the performance, just need 3 points.”

“UUUUUUUUGLY…. Take 3 and run.”

“Kept Sheffield Utd at arms length and took our chance when it came. That’s all you need sometimes”

“Not a pen but fortunate nonetheless. Areola accidentally won the ball with his trailing leg.”

“He got to the ball first – with his left leg.”

“I actually think it was probably a pen, and possibly a red card. The follow through was dangerous. Wonder if he might get a retrospective red?”

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Pre-Match View From West Brom

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“Absolute MUST win or we are toast. “

“We’ll have to be up for the game against them as they will have the wind in their sails now. “

“Alladyce has made our defence worse. Sheff Utd will do a complete number on us Tuesday. We were oh so fortunate to win at our place”

“I’ve thought that from day one. Sheffield United are better than we are. They missed two open goals when we beat them. I fully expect them to finish above us. “

“They are now they are turning performances into wins.
They train properly, run and are organised for a start. “

“I’ve been saying it for most of the season, a number of people in fact have been saying Sheff Utd are one of the strangest bottom of the table teams you can see as they are rarely hammered and are quite often in games, but just can’t score. That is the opposite to us who have been 2nd best in nearly all of our games this season, but do have a knack of getting the odd point.
Sheff Utd are still 10 points from safety – 11 with their goal difference and so won’t be staying up, but they are better than the table suggests.”

“After Sheff Us improvement in the last month – I will be surprised if we avoid 20th Allardyce really fugged up losing the majority of the players on day 1 with his man management. “
“we are a worse side than Sheff Utd “

“They are twice the team we are and they will show it Tuesday”

“I think at this given point in time I’d rather be in their shoes. “

“They also lack ability but they possess a superior attitude, application, determination and seem fit. 4 areas we are weak in.”

“How are Sheff Utd still below us? “

“Sheffield Utd will have a strike force of McBurnie and Brewster next season backed up by McGoldrick and Sharp – 4 players proven at that level, plus Mousset and Burke. If any forward is going to rip up the league next year it will be one of theirs. “

“Oli Burke has done more for Sheff U than Grant has for us “

“Regardless Burke is utter toss. “

“I hope these words don’t come back to haunt us on Tuesday cos he’s nailed on to start.”

“Just because he might score against us doesn’t mean he’s any good. We’ve all watched him play. He’s rubbish.”

“Would have been a brave person to put a bet on Ollie Burke having more goals than Brewster by the half way point of the season! “

“he’s done OK for them this season, Sheff Utd fans have been happy with his contribution in what’s been a shocking season”

“CR9 is head and shoulders above him. “

“I would say it’s Fulham or Brighton for the last spot with us and Sheffield nailed on for the drop. Can’t see us getting more than 1 or 2 wins and a few draws at the most. I think we’ll finish on around 24 points which won’t be enough to escape the bottom three. “

“Sheffield United are down with us. They’re not surviving.”

“We’re not looking like overtaking any of the other contenders – quite frankly we’re trying our hardest at the moment not to fall any further behind them !
We’re down.”

“We’ll finish above Sheffield and maybe Fulham but that’s it for me. The Big Sam experiment is doomed”

“I dont like the PL and I’m looking forward to a bit of a rebuild. However I do of course understand the clubs benefit of retaining PL status.”

View From Man City

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“Just for a teeny bit of context; beating Sheffield United isn’t for everyone.”

“I’ve got to say, I didn’t think Sheffield United were terrible. Dunno what they’re like week in and week out, but they’re by far not the worst team we’ve played, I’m not sure what they’re doing at the bottom. Some of their build up play was decent, and they worked hard in defence.”

“I can see why they’re around the bottom, but I’m used to watching teams put everyone behind the ball and they did that well, and when they did break I thought they played some tidy stuff until they got to the final third. They weren’t spectacular obviously butthere’s plenty of teams we’ve played who have been worse. I don’t have to think about them again now, though, best of luck to them because they need it with that points total. “

“Sheffield United are a very hard team to play against when they are like this, but jesus we made hard work of that. Great win, but a tough watch. Not sure I’ve seen us create so little in a game.”

“Sheffield United are a good team”

“Sheffield United are a very decent, stubborn side”

“Truly awful spectacle, but great 3 points. Nearly shat myself when Fleck struck that shot at the end.”

“Fair play to the blades, I hope they stay up, especially for putting the rags in their place at prawn Trafford”

“ Have to give some credit to Sheffield Utd for defending quite well. Their keeper made a few good saves too.”

“Happy for the win because Sheffield defended pretty well but we were all sideways. Missed Stone’s passing from out of the back and Cancelo popping up in random places. Not many teams batter Sheffield so don’t want to get too carried away but we were pretty passive today”

“Good win against a well organised side.”

“A bit of a non event, credit to Sheffield for making it hard for us but we never looked threatened”

“Always tight against SU. 3 points”

“Bit dull. They defended very well.”

“Great 3 points against the Great Wall of Yorkshire”

“Never looked uncomfortable without ever looking entirely comfortable!”

“really boring game. i seem to just recall constant passes across the halfway line. Decent win though, clean sheet, move on!”

“Bloody awful. 90 minutes of my life I won’t get back. 3 points. Top of the league. But my god that was dull.”

“Sheff Utd as expected defended for their lives with all 10 outfield players behind the ball and then just went to long balls up the pitch near the end.”

“Embarrassing from a team that is way off of the pace and still park on the bus even though they are getting beat”

“They really do know how to suck the life out of a football match”

“Sheff made it a bore fest.”

“Sheff United were absolutely shocking and literally had zero intention of attacking until the last 5 mins”

“They had absolutely nothing upfront, it’s easy to look good defensively when teams play a back 5 and everyone behind the ball. They basically had one chance which was a volley from outside the box. Even against United their winner felt like the slowest attack of all time, just a good job United’s defenders are even slower!”

“Teams like Sheffield United still think this is the old City with Otamendi, Garcia and Old Stones at the back where if you keep it tight and 1-0 you have a chance for a draw at the end.
Its not the old City. You don’t have a chance at 1-0. “

“Remember Wilder v Rags. They have world class players. Wilder v Us money money blah blah
lets see if he does the money card again today”

“They were a set of big lads and physically dominated us for spells ,and kicked the crap out of us when they couldn’t. I thought they kept their shape , passed the ball well and competed hard sometimes fairly.”

“Another win, this time against an obdurate and skillfully dirty team ”

“Such a dirty team”

“No injuries despite their best efforts.
Crap ref.”

“Good win against a very well organised team of thugs. Can’t understand how they are bottom given how shit for e g. Albion are !”

“Bunch of cloggers, but not surprising when allowed to get away with it by a myopic referee. Dirty Baldcock should have had at least 4 yellows.”

“Could have had 2 re foul throws. How many fouls on Foden? “

“How Foden isnt on a stretcher tonight i’ll never know…..their game plan was clear and the ref allowed them to play it out.”

“Wins a Win but not a great performance but considering one of the most corrupt officiating performances and we were playing 15 it will do.”

“sketchiest prem ref I’ve ever seen, truly suspect, stone faced corrupt mo fo”

“That ref was as corrupt as they come.”

“Thought the ref worked his balls off today to try to even things up.”

“ref tried his level best to give them everything.”

“I couldn’t stand another second of them two pricks willing Sheffield United to score, outrageous commentary once again.”

“that’s why they’re going to go down. Can’t understand why the commentators were praising Wilder. Not only is it terrible football, it’s also extremely ineffective as evidenced by their position in the table.”

“Getting really tedious playing games against teams like Sheff Utd , no ambition , no football , just survivalists , its all about the Premier league money , no entertainment value at all , wouldnt cross the road to watch a Wilder team , no doubt he will be moaning about some decision after the game or the money we have spent .Just go and f*ck off and get back where you belong in the Championship , just wasted nearly two hours of my life watching a tedious boring football team who offered nothing . Cheltenham gave us a better game and showed more bottle than Wilders shower of shite.”

“Surprised teams that like to park the bus dont get called out by the premier league etc. As this style of football can only damage the premier league selling point. Who wants to watch that ?!”

“appreciate the difference in players ability , we have spent millions but surely a manager has to improve his players no matter what level they are at , play a system that atleast enables them to get past the half way line , would rather witness a team playing more expansively and losing 2-4 than just accepting a 0-1 defeat before they even kick a ball. Managers like Wilder and Allardyce are dinosaurs.”

Pre-Match View From Man Utd

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“The definition of a must win. Our only easy game on paper before January.
It would be typical of us to be Sheffield’s first 3 points of the season.
Tbf to them, they’ve only lost most games by a goal.”

“They are on poor form and struggled to even get a point but let’s not underestimating them, most of the game they only lost by 1 goal difference.”

“Two points was dropped in this fixture last season, the injury time equaliser by Sheffield United probably would be disallowed this season.
Sheffield United have been competitive in all of their home games this season and I expect Thursday to be no different.”

“This will be Sheffield United’s first win of the season. It’s just that kind of season.”

“They gotta get a win at some point and we are the perfect opportunity.”

“I’m bricking it against the most underpowered team in the league this reason, Christ.
Thank god they have Ramsdale in net.”

“They’ve been shocking so far this season – so you know they’re going to roll up their sleeves and become giant killers for the night.”

“They’ve got 1 point all season.
If they double their point tally v us at the very least it’s utterly embarrassing”

“it would be embarrassing to lose against them”

“I have no doubt that Sheffield will raise their game against us (who doesn’t when Utd come to town?)
Even so, we really should be winning this game based on their current form.”

“It won’t be pretty, but we’ll grind out the win as we look to the more interesting fixture this weekend.”

“Expect rotation for this one, we play Leeds on Sunday.”

“Need to use the squad here. Leeds on Sunday will be on a whole another level intensity wise”

“Sheffield United have been so poor this year, so feel it’s a nice one to have on a Thurs, then Leeds will be a real fitness test”

“Points wise, they’re the worst team in PL history so far. However, these are not a bad team. The amount of chances they create, I do not know how they aren’t in the top half, let alone relegation certainties with a solitary point. It’ll be a harder game than Leeds, who’ve seemingly already started to run out of steam. Still need to rotate though.”

“They are bottom of the league so I imagine the bus will be parked”

“I can us struggling to break these down”

“I just checked the league table and Sheff Utd are bottom of the league.
So, we are up against the worst team in the league who have a return of 1 point from 11 games.
Logically, we’ll wipe the floor with these guys, but given that we struggle against worse teams, who knows how we’ll do.”

“Away from home = victory, would love to see that continuing and just look at how abysmal the Blades have been so far.”

“At least this should be a pretty straightforward and easy win. They have been garbage this season, and we’re kings away from home”

“Should be an easy win. We have the ability to smash them but id take a 2 goal difference”

“We should really be putting these guys to the sword. They have been very bad for a long time.”

“These lot are spectacularly fecking shit. As in useless in all areas, attack midfield defence. We should batter these if we play at our best. “

“Sheffield are mid-table Championship quality but I do not doubt we will find a way to make them look good”

“Excited to see the most Championship strikeforce in the history of the Premier League up against Baz Maguire and co. McBurnie will turn into a ginger bearded Ronaldo.”

“I’m hoping these games finish off Ole for good.”

“Surely Wilder’s job is on the line for this match, if they don’t react sooner?”

“Teams invest a lot of money and work hard to get up into the EPL.
Why on Earth are Sheff Utd just passively allowing their team to get relegated.
I don’t think I’ve seen such a passive response to getting into the EPL.
It’s like getting promoted at work, with double pay and instead of working hard to learn the new role and succeed at it, you just sit back passively and fail every task in the job, so you can be demoted back to your old position.”

Scotland Fans Views On Oli McBurnie

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“Mcburnie looked knackered”

“Still shyte”

“Never cap that fraud again”

“Mcburnie what does he do for a living ?”

“Oli McBurnie is absolutely utter rancid decayed horse shit.”

“Is McBurnie a footballer?”

“how does McBurnie earn seven figures every year as a footballer ?”

“Mcburnie is just a joke full stop.”

“Mcburnie, waste of space”

“I’d take Iwelumo over that fanny McBurnie. A total gimp of a footballer”

“Why Is Oli McBurnie even in the Scotland squad btw? He doesn’t even know how to pull up his socks, why is Steve Clarke putting his trust in him?”

“!McBurnie is the definition of shite.”

“McBurnie just constantly runs as if hes got sore knees”

“Mcburnie an absolute waste of a jersey.”

“McBurnie is the worst player I have ever seen play for Scotland.”

“McBurnie is 6’2 of pure dugshite”

“McBurnie was £20m. Madness.”

“Oli Mcburnie is a £20 Million player in the premier League and he’s not even better than dykes, who plays for the same team as lee Wallace…”

“His pass completion tonight must he 10%, spent longer on his arse or chasing his bad touch.”

“Oli McBurnie is rotten wouldn’t be dangerous with an axe in his hand ! “

“McBurnie in particular is the face of everything thats wrong with the English transfer market and our outlook…. some idiot paid £20m for a Motherwell level striker, but coz he plays down south he gets picked automatically… shouldnt be anywhere near a Scotland cap.”

“This McBurnie is absolutely brutal i dont think i have ever seen a worse striker looks like he should be playing sunday league or Amateurs feel sorry for Sheffield fans”

“Defenders must absolutely piss themselves when they see they are up against oli mcburnie
.Woefully shite. Wish there was a Sheff Utd reserve game on tonight he could’ve picked over Scotland again”

“He gets stick because up until a video by the SFA, he’s looked and acted like he didn’t get a shit playing for the national team.”

“McBurnie has had multiple occasions where he’s not shown the level of commitment that you’d expect at international level and has had large periods for Scotland where he’s offered little”

“I am going to stick up for McBurnie. Think he’s done ok.”

“To be fair I dont think McBurnie has done much wrong. Just very little service.”

“Amazing how much stick he gets despite the terrible tactics and lack of service. There’s some players in there that seem undroppable but have hardly kicked a ball for Scotland ever!!”

“McBurnie will get slaughtered but Robertson McGregor and McGinn have been useless yet again for Scotland.”

“Every dick slagging McBurnie is a tim? Co-incidence? Naw. Haven’t seen any of these players do anything in a Scotland jersey yet he’s always the go to”

View From Arsenal

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“We won back to back away games in tough grounds. I welcome playing without fans “

“Good win, away from home. Onto Semis in the Fanless Annoying Cup. A grind”

“We’ve been the better team we deserve this victory. SHU have only troubled us on set pieces”.

“Future goat manager gets a win over Chris wilder who some laughably wanted here. We made sheff utd look awful and into the semis.”

“Imagine wanting that plumber Wilder as manager ffs”

“Of course Arsenal can’t handle a straight talking Brexit manager.

“Sheffield United didn’t out play us, they just scum bagged set pieces all game which we struggled with”

“So after this all bollocks about Sheffield United being a breath of fresh air and Wilder being some sort of hobo Guardiola are we all now willing to accept they’re actually Stoke with overlapping centre backs?”

“For all the praise Sheffield were getting this season, they’re just another Stoke City type championship-level team of ‘hard’ men aren’t they?”

“Watching Sheffield today like watching stoke”

“Sheffield Utd only looked dangerous from set pieces. We were largely in control.”

“Sheff Utd have had a mare, not sure Arteta will get so lucky in the next round!”

“Terrible goalkeeping but will take it with grateful hands.”

“Am I the only one that thinks we defended really well? Their two goals were clearly offside. We adapted a strategy of no men on the posts and a high line. On their two goals it worked and bar a Kolasanic hashed clearance we would have had a clean sheet.
The only time we looked suspect was at throw ins where ultimately we had to win the first ball which isnt always posible”

“We created a few chances and should have had more goals when we were on top.”

“We were terrible”

“Absolute crap from us”

“They’ve had more shots overall, more shots on target. Our midfield was over-run some of the first half and most of the second.”

“Totally outplayed”

“Very happy that we’re going to Wembley but the performance is staggering. We used to complain about getting dominated at the Bridge or Anfield. Now it doesn’t matter anymore. Leeds at home, we get whipped. Sheffield away, can’t string 5 passes together.”

“Fluke it FC, Arteta’s men. You love to see it.”

“the team couldn’t even string 5 passes together. We need to have the actual ball to even create a second. All we did that second half is keep giving the ball away, hoof it up only for SU to bring it straight back.”