“A win but God awful.”

“I’ll take the three points, but that was an absolutely dreadful performance yet again.”

“Awful match but 3 points against a bottom of the table team who were probably better than us!”

“That was a football match, with two halves. I have little more to say”

“Aside from a nice move for the goal, it’s a pretty disappointing effort against the worst team in the league. Yes we have injuries to key players but we still have enough talent on field to cause them more problems than we did.
However, it’s a win, a clean sheet and we relegated Sheff Utd”

“Turgid, boring, dull, pragmatic.
We won.
Football at its lowest point for entertainment and I include Pulisball in that.

“Another yawnfest. I barely watched really, much like the end of the Jackett era, just turning up (in this case putting it on TV) because that’s what you do.
Covid permitting I’ll be there again next year home most most aways, but realistically if it wasn’t basically a religion why would you”

“Without big changes, we will be in the relegation battle next season.”

“Awful game of football between two poor teams. Consolation is we won and there’s only six more games to go.”

“The lack of fans is just making this all dull as dishwater now.
As for the match, I’m just glad it’s over.”

“Seriously what has happened to us? Win yes, bloody awful performance once again.
Need a massive overhaul or we‘ ll be doing a Sheff U next season.”

“Much like the Fulham game, no point in pretending we did well, did we do enough to win the game though, probably yes. They offered practically nothing (as you might expect from a team rooted to the bottom with their goalscoring record), wish the comms would have shut up about them “deserving” something, on what basis? We know where we are, play three centre halves and we’re broadly speaking very hard to score against but create very little ourselves, a back four and it’s like a basketball game.”

“Despite offering them encouragement SU could have played until midnight and not scored. Possibly the most unmemorable game under Nuno.”

“Boring game. If Sheffield had any decent quality upfront they might have got a goal.”

“Awful. Watching Wolves this season is not an enjoyable experience at all. Our games have generally been terrible entertainment. And that is because of the way we play. Its horrible. If we start next season playing like this then Nuno will not be getting any sentimental goodwill from many fans. We are horrible.”

“I’m conflicted on the one hand I hate this season, think it’s a facsimile of real football, we were without 4 of our best 11, we aren’t going down and we won.
All that said, I’m concerned by Nuno, the negative approach against a side with zero confidence isn’t acceptable and it’s a consistent tactic. If I could change one thing about him it’s that, there is no reason to feel your way into games like tonight. 4231 is too gung ho, 343 too conservative. I don’t know why he can’t get the balance right in either”

“Thought McGoldrick looked OK.
Who should we have? Willian Jose for £20m or McGoldrick for circe £2m?”

“Going off the scale used for a and b options, c would be Leon for 200k”

“We won, not a good performance though, my god we missed Neves. Three points though, so lets not be dispondent.”

“GUYS, GUYS…. we beat them! they’re tied for earliest relegation of all time, but at least they didn’t do the double over us like the almighty huddersfield. “

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