“Every logic says we should win even with our injuries. But we said this v Albion in January.”

“With our injuries too could be a long 90 mins against the blades they won’t want to be relegated Saturday evening”

“This looks an awful fixture to have now with our injuries. Good job we are pretty safe.”

“Anyone actually confident we will beat Sheff Utd this would just be typical of Wolves…..”

“I can see us losing anyway typical Wolves fashion”

“you just know with the pressure off they will play like Man City…”

“Sheff Utd are broken, lost 5 on the bounce and every game since they sacked Wilder. Score first and it’ll be a comfortable night. Our only danger is players going through the motions like Southampton yesterday. It’s one of the reasons I’d play guys with something to prove”

“Now we are pretty much safe and with blades down you would think some of the squad players might start”

“If we can’t play some younger players against these – who are effectively relegated – at home in essentially a dead rubber then we’ll never play them.”

“I don’t see us going to a back three for this one, we’re playing one of the worst PL teams ever. They’ve lost eight of their last nine games. They didn’t score in six of those. Lost all of the last four, scoring one goal.”

“Sheffield United also been playing a 4-4-2 since Wilder left, so there could be more to exploit with an adventurous front 4 and the handbrake off a bit.”

“On Friday, when Neto went off injured, i was in despair, and would have took the draw there and then. Then Adama came out of his shell. Fulham are much better than Sheff Utd so we should pull this one off…….Just.”

“McBurnie is faking injury as he doesn’t want to play against his next club.”

“I confess that the 1989 match against Sheff Utd is possibly my all-time favourite Wolves game. I know that there have been greater matches I have attended – at Wembley and Cardiff 🙂
BUT that was a fantastic night. We needed a draw to be champions and Blades needed to draw to be promoted. It was all a cut and thrust honest battle and 2-2 with about 10 minutes to go. Blades then got a free kick in a dangerous position about 20 yards outside Wolves penalty area – and the Blades player then picked the ball up and moved the ball back 10 yards!! It was clear to everyone that this was the signal to both sides not to ‘spoil the evening’ (or words to that effect! 😉 There was energy and fight for the last 10 minutes but somehow the ball ended out of play quite a lot with shots high into the terraces!! The funniest thing was right at the end the referee blew his whistle and the two Blades defenders thought the game was over – they ran over to their fans in the South Bank and climbed the fence – one was taking off his boots and one his shirt to throw them into the fans!! But the ref had only blown for offside or a foul!! Pandemonium!! They panicked and rushed back on to the pitch desperately putting back on what they had half taken off! :p 30 seconds later it was all over and they were able to go back and celebrate with their fans!
It was great to be at a match where ALL the fans were celebrating afterwards – Blades and Wolves fans were best mates 🙂 (A bit like Wolves and Blackburn fans at the end of 2010/11 when we both narrowly escaped relegation)
So I guess I have a bit of a soft spot for the Blades….”

“I go back to the away games when Agana and Deane used to run us ragged.”

“I recall a 0-0 in September 2000 was possibly the worst of the lot. Peak Warnock of just deliberately playing cra football. The horrible prick got sent to the stand. We had Robert Taylor up front. Crowd of under 15k (unthinkable at the time) as we had a bizarre fuel “crisis” (which wasn’t a crisis).
Phil Jagielka might end up playing against us on Saturday, he was on the bench for that one!”

“When was the game when all our nutters ran into the away part of the South Bank? That’s the one Blades remember. Living here (Sheffield) now I can say they don’t like us, neither do their neighbours after the end of season game where our mob ended up in their seats. Blades are a proper club though and I quite respect them.
I remember going there mid-90s and seeing a Wolves eejit get on the back of a police motorbike, then get dealt with forcefully by the police. London Road pubs near Bramall Lane always used to be interesting…”

“I’ve always found Bramall Lane quite intimidating. I remember getting locked into the pub opposite the station by the Yorkshire Constabulary and then being joined by the occupants of a couple of coaches that had been intercepted coming into Sheffield (our Firm on an away day).
Had to stay there until escorted to the ground just before the kick off.”

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By Roy

2 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Wolves”
  1. As a Wolves Fan said to me before Cardiff play off final…….Dont count your chickens!
    You talk about your injuries, Weve got 9 1st teamers out!

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