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“Oh this will be so very exciting….”

“Who cares really?”

“Looking forward to seeing how we lose to Sheffield United in the slot that we lose in every time”

“These are bottom of the table and the game means f**k all to us, play the back ups.”

“This is definitely gonna be another draw.”

“Should win but we won’t it’ll end with draw just like Burnley game dominate score 1 miss couple gift them a goal.”

“Two dead teams in a dead rubber game”.

“2 teams that are an absolute shambles. Could be a great match for a change.”

“They’ve looked even worse somehow since they’ve sacked Wilder and are in complete shambles.
Their back line is ravaged by injury, one of the worst keepers in the league, their four strikers have scored four times in 2021 and their best player in midfield is out for the season.
We’ll be lucky to win.”

“They were like this last season only difference was they had a rock solid defence”

“Think these were one of the teams who really missed the fans being at the game.
Granted they where always going to struggle but it seemed instant with them.”

“1-0 Sheff Utd. Big Christian Nade with the winner.”

“The Duke of Edinburgh just couldn’t face watching this game.”

“even Sheffield Uniteds name sounds like a sweary “go away””

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By Roy

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