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“Proper football is back….Oh wait a minute the blunts are on the pitch”

“SU are a poor football team with the worst manager in our history”

“Hecky is an appalling manager as his career shows.
He is used to taking clubs backwards (Barnsley were in good form when he arrived and Lee Johnson left to go to Bristol City).
Hibs were in decent form when Neil Lennon left to go to Celtic.
And we hadnt had that bad a season when he arrived either.
The man is a crap manager and all clubs suffered far worse form under him than they had before him.
Sheffield United are bottom for a reason, Hecky got the job for a reason (they were desperate) .
Fully expect to batter them, why should we expect any less?
Wilder may be a grumpy, sour faced bloke but he did a great job there generally.
Hecky isnt a quarter of the coach or manager Wilder is.
If they dont win another game between now and the end of the season it wouldn’t be at all surprising.”

“He is statistically one of the worst managers in our history and the fact MB is still using players Hecky couldn’t get a tune out of says it all.
Hate is to strong a word for football but ive never disliked a manager of ours more.
Total fraud.”

“.I don’t doubt Heck is a s**t manager but you cannot judge him from his time here, he got a team with Klich banished to Holland, Saiz playing angry and suspended, a team so unfit it was dead by half time, attitude stank, and it seemed everyone had given up. He had no pre season, no chance to bring on his own players, no time to establish any youth and he probably knew he’d be gone in 3 months …I know I couldn’t work under those circumstances but he at least got us fitter and a touch more cohesive… That post Christmas LUFC was probably the lowest point for the club since relegation to Lg 1 …”

“Not a team I particularly like if I’m honest. It’s their fans I dislike, would love a decent win against them but with them struggling and Heckingbottom combination you just get that feeling, don’t you ?”

“Really dislike the Blunts, know a few fans and bragging rights come into it, must win game for me”

“Let’s have a bleedin’ massacre. Absolutely no better time for our sides to play each other and end up in our favour.”

“Would love if we thrashed them”

“I see us giving them a sound walloping also. Whether they come out to play or set up to defend we’ll get an awful lot of chances. And I see more than a few going in”

“they’ll park the bus playing Hecky hoof”

“Thank god Billy Sharp is injured. I don’t really rate him, but you know he’d probably score against us”

“Jack O’Connell, Jack Robinson and Jack Rodwell all out. Appears the blunts are completely jacked out.”

“Obviously, I’d like us to win this one but I actually don’t mind Sheffield United. I certainly prefer them to Sheffield Wednesday who have always reminded me of Newcastle a bit, with all their claims about their amazing history, being a ‘big club’ etc.
Plus, there’s the Tony Currie connection. Always one of my favourite players, Tony Currie.”

“Weirdly I feel the opposite, but for the same reasons. I see too many similarities between ourselves and Newcastle and Wednesday to really hate them, but I can’t stand Blades, mainly because of Warnock and having encountered some objectionable fans while at university in Sheffield). Owls and Newcastle fans have been through as much as us, and have almost as prestigious a history as we do, so I feel more sympathy for them than anything else”

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By Roy

2 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Leeds”
  1. I think the Blades should appoint an upcoming manager, a real Tomorrow’s Man, sotospeak. Must haves are tactical nous, a cheeky chappy northern demeanour, a basic grasp of Latin and a comprehensive knowledge of the Middle East toiletries market.

    Apropos there is only one option. Fire up the company Astra Betty lad, Giansircusa’s got a tote bag full of Ginsters in, so set the sat nav to “Bright Future” via the M1 Jct 15.

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