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“Probably our best chance to win silverware and this is probably the last game that has any meaning for Sheffield so I say no risks.”

“They are woeful and have given up in the league, SO BEWARE, all eggs in the basket for this?”

“Sheffield got nothing to lose this season, they’re almost relegated so they will try to surprise in the cup.”

“the Blades are a right mess at the moment. Not just with where they are in the league. Despite all those losses, missing all 3 of their best centerbacks and signing a keeper who is not fit to strap up Hendersons gloves the only side to beat them by 3 clear goals was us. Then the very next game after Wilder leaves what happens? They look awful and lose by 5 at Leicester.
Anything can happen in football but given how focused Tuchel has us at the mo he and whoever is picked will have to make a real pigs ear out of this for us not to go through. Bradford levels of bad.”

“Not disrespecting Sheffield United but is there a need to go with a back 3 here?”

“I think the Cup is genuinely the only real chance we have of winning anything, so if we’re now at the quarter-final stage, we might as well go for it. Any team we put out should be reasonably strong just based on our available personnel and Sheffield United are having a bit of a torrid time at the moment.”

“We can make a few changes and still dispatch Sheff utd.”

“Normally im nervous everytime we get on the pitch….This is no disrespect to sufc, who will give us a tough game, but i believe this match is in the bag”

“could also use this game for shooting practice “

“Sheffield United right now seem like the ideal opposition for Timo to get a goal or two if Tuchel doesn’t want to rest him.”

“the notion we need to pick our best XI (whatever that is) to beat the team bottom of the league is nonsense.”

“Wilder c’est fini”

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