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“If Carlsberg presented your next opponent…(this might backfire)”

“It’ll be very surprising if this game isn’t won quite easily.”

“We will finish these off easily, they’re ****ed themselves defensively, Southampton could have walked off with 9 goals, I think we will proper hammer these. “

“A back 5 of Baldock, Ampadu, Bryan, Stephens, Bogle has to be one of the worst in premier league history surely? “

“Believe their only fit cbs are jagielka and ampadu who has had a poor season. Got to get at them.”

“They’ve been decimated by injuries and have very little cover. Kean Bryan wasn’t even getting in the reserve team at the start of the season, now he’s playing every game. Several defensive players are playing out of position. Bogle just coming back from injury but looks a threat at wingback.They’re very weak down the right side and have been exposed there consistently this season.”

“surely a draw is no good for both Sheffield Utd or West Brom when we play them. Normally I dread these relegation threatened sides parking the bus but you’d hope they’d both have to be a bit more adventurous against us and we will ultimately pick them off.”

“they could keep it tight and negative and frustrate us and try and expose us on a set piece. “

“Personally I’d go for Soy’s physicality against Sheffield Utd who have a Burnley type approach.”

“Time for Vardy to get his mojo back!”

“Vardy will score against them.”

“Vardy to relegate Sheffield United. Yes please”

“Apparently Wilder lost the players back when the lockdown came – there was an argument within the club about going on to a percentage of their wages and he made a public threat about the players using last season as a way of asking for new contracts.”

“Rhian Brewster hasn’t scored a goal for Sheff Utd yet so that can only mean one thing…”

“It’s just so tee’d up for a classic Leicester moment isn’t it.
Playing bottom of the league, devoid of confidence, those around us playing each other… “

“We know they’ll work hard and we know they’ll press like mad. We’ve struggled with that a lot in recent weeks.”

“The idea that sheff u will be an easy fixture is misplaced these players are trying to impress ref a possible summer move and from a professional perspective, no one wants to finish bottom if they can avoid it.”

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