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“We may win, draw or probably lose this.If we get relegated in this game i’ll eat my head.Discuss. “

“You’d have to be mental to watch this as a neutral imo. Doubt I’m even going to watch it.”

“We’re the only PL teams playing at 3pm on Saturday. Those neutrals are going to have to watch us whether they like it or not!”

“A game against Sheffield United should produce a miniscule of hope, but I know it’s a trap, so am going back under my blanket.”

“If we beat Sheffield then I think we will limp to safety.Lose and I think we WILL be relegated.”

“Sheffield United have already won 3 home games in 2021 and are way ahead of us in form (last 10 games) , I’ve not checked the odds but would expect bookies to make them favourites.”

“I really can’t see Sheff Utd or WBA escaping, but we all know football, great escapes happen. This win will get them thinking they could beat us and be in with a slim chance. It’s certainly makes our game Saturday tougher”

“Sheffield United must be licking their lips at this game, a scrumptious 3 points on the table, sneak a spawny goal and pack the final 1/3 with all 10 outfield players watching us pat the ball back and forth”

“We have no chance of beating Sheff United. We have 2 players injured and we can’t possibly expect 3 points”

“Their confidence will be sky high”

“We are pathetic against teams that put their hearts into the match. We will be brushed aside and lose and will join Sheffield in the Championship, still blaming refs and VAR. Anything else is a bonus. We are experts at freak results.”

“We’ve scored 5 and conceded 23 in our last 9”

“Sheffield will score early then build the bus depot to get a narrow victory. They know how to throw bodies into tackles and win headers.”

“I expect us to lose to Sheffield too. We are simply dire at the moment. However, this time I am hopeful of being wrong and will follow the game… but maybe not watch it.”

“probably the two worst teams in the league at the moment, we have to win.”

“we simply have to eke out results with the least physical damage to the squad and Sheffield are not going to be playing tap football on Saturday! A point , no injuries no red cards would be just about ok for me, it’s a start. “

“I expect if we play Bednarek, and they stick Burke on left wing, he would cause us issues”

“Wilder likes his width to come from his wing backs. Hence why they have no wingers in their squad. I can’t see him changing it for us.
And even if he did stick Burke out there, that’s fine be me. Sure, he’s quick. But he’s also useless.”

“It really shouldn’t matter who we play at RB for this one.
Sheff Utd don’t know what a left winger/wide left midfielder is. “

“I just looked on the Fantasy Premier League app and didn’t realise how many centre backs Sheff Utd had out injured.
Egan, O’Connell and Basham are out, now with Jagielka suspended, I only know of Ampadu who plays centre back for them.
We shouldn’t really need their first choice players to be out, but it’s certainly a positive for us given our run of form.”

“McGoldrick has 6 Premier League goals this season apparently. That is mental”

” thought they were impressive against Villa, reminded me of the Sheff Utd of last season who seemed to grind out single goal victories, Ramsdale looking confident.”

“Ramsdale looks a decent keeper to me”

“Get the win here, stop the rot. Off the back side of Ramsdale I don’t care, just need to get the 3 points and start looking upwards again and towards focusing on the FA Cup.”

“What we really need on Saturday is to score early. Their heads will drop and we’ll start to relax and will probably win by 2 or 3.”

“Is this a direct quote from the Sheff Utd forum? “

“I can’t believe some people are suddenly scared of Sheffield United”

“Would Sheff U fans be offended if I called them a physical side? “

“We absolutely have to bin that high line when defending free kicks. Sheffield are quite a big side. Need to go man for man and drop a bit deeper. We can’t keep riding our luck on this and hoping VAR will bale us out with marginal offsides.”

“The only way we lose this is if we play very poorly. Which is possible, admittedly. But the performances by and large haven’t been terrible. Play like we did against Chelsea, Liverpool, Wolves in the Cup, Villa, first halves against Leeds and Wolves, we win. Unless Sheffield United have an absolute stormer. But that’s unlikely.”

“Sheffield United are not very good.”

“We will win, they are terrible.

“Still think we’ll win and if we score early it will be comfortable. They’ve got 14 points for a reason.”

“Smash the worst team in the league”

“We can’t play ourselves?”

“even though our form isn’t good… we are the better team.”

“That 2nd half against Villa would have drained them physically. “

“They won’t win 2 in a row. “

“Sheff Utd seem to be one of the few teams Che Adams actually scores against”

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By Roy

3 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Southampton”
  1. Good comments just one gripe we are NOT Sheffield they are the oldest football club Sheffield F.C.
    We are Sheffield United irs amazing how Manchester Unired or Manchester City do not get called Manchester i suppose we could start calling you South or Hampton it may seem trivial to you but to us its galling

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