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“Will take that. Feels good, been a while!! “

“Got the job done, wouldn’t go overboard about the performance though. They are absolutely awful so no barometer at all to measure premiere league quality. Massive 3 points though, gives us breathing space. “

“Comfortable win. The whole team worked their socks off. I was particularly impressed by the 2nf half performance. We never took our foot off the pedal.”

“A good win and never in danger of losing, bar the odd moment of a poor final ball or finish by the opposition”

“Could have been 4 or 5, but it is good to be creating chances again.
Wilder’s subs helped us, made them worse each time”

“Should have been 3 or 4 with some better decision making in the final third, but a win and a clean sheet I think will be massive for the players, we aren’t on that sort of run anymore and we look more solid at the back.Yes the opposition were bad, but on the run we have been on that means very little.”

“Should have been 0-5. “

“Solid performance. Should really have been 5-0.”

“Sheff Utd were terrible”

“This Sheffield Utd team are one of the worst in PL history, blimey.”

“My word, SU are so, so bad…they make us look like Barca!”

“Sheffield United as poor as their position suggests.”

“we won’t play a team as bad as this again”

“If you are relying on Dave McGoldrick for your goals… well you can see why they are the lowest scoring team in all of Europe.”

“McBurnie is so bad…its laughable.”

“At least we didn’t spunk £25m on Brewster. Incredible the fees Liverpool get”

“Hard to read too much into it due to the absolute dreadful opposition. Worst PL team in a very, very long time. I think that Derby team had a little bit more about them? This lot are proper cloggers. They’ll struggle big style next year IMO. Long way back.”

“SU really are poor. Fleck should have walked as should the Neanderthal McBurnie.”

“One thing’s for certain the PL will be much better off without Sheffield U – Effing – nited who surely must be the dirtiest, least, skilful team ever to be there. It will be surprising if we don’t have four or five injuries to contend with after the dust has settled on this brawl of a match. Adams was lucky not to have had a broken leg after that horrendous late tackle on him, how was that not a red card? At least we stood our ground and refused to be intimidated by this bunch of Yobs.”

“Garth Crooks saying Fleck should’ve seen red for the tackle on Che.”

“Well, it doesn’t happen often, but just occasionally he is right.”

“John Fleck every bit as nasty a piece of work as his uncle.”

“Thought the ref was decent today even if you could argue that he should have sent a couple of their players off.”

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