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“That was hard work but we’re through! Yay!”

“We got away with one today”

“Got away with it today”

” makes it look better on paper but this was a lot closer than a 2-0″

“We were abysmal that whole game against and abject and demoralised Sheffield side. Barely created a chance, substitutions made no sense at all, very lucky to get through that tie.”

“Rode our luck today and were lucky to get the win. “

“We really rode our luck in that 2nd half.”

“Sheffield played pretty well. You could tell we made 9 changes to the squad, there was a lot of miscommunication, especially early.”

“They did play very well second half. Deserved a goal really.”

“So stressful that”

“they certainly had chances to take us into extra time.”

“This wasn’t an easy game and you can’t compare this Sheffield with the one you see in premier league these days. This was the biggest game for them of the season. There is no hope in PL so they gave everything on the pitch today. Yes, Chelsea wasn’t great today, but there were a lot of changes also to reward some players. Job done. Great run defensively, lucky though to not conceed one today.”

“Sloppy lazy performance, Sheffield didn’t really have enough to hurt us
Football without shots…thank god for Ollie Norwood taking the pressure off “

“We were lucky they are so bad”

“The commentator was absolutely gutted Sheffield didn’t score”

“Burke is swift” – surprising nod to 18th century Irish literature from a commentary team whose performance tended more towards ‘drooling moron’.”

“Keown is such an insufferable tat. Most of the other annoying ones I can at least zone out to, but his voice has such an annoying quality to it, and he chats such extreme levels of sht that it’s almost impossible to ignore. If you got cornered with the guy at a party you’d start drinking yourself into oblivion. “

“He’s an absolute tit. Near the end of the game he mentioned “big international friendlies” on the horizon for Mount, which got a tongue-in-cheek response of “San Marino”. Being the tiny-cocked man-child that is he, he gave a grave “well, they’re all big games when you’re fighting for you place in the squad”. No, mate — Jesse Lingard is in the squad for a reason, please do us all favour and stop making sounds.”

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By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Chelsea”
  1. Wish people in premiership would Learn you didn’t play Sheffield today you played Sheffield United.
    Sheffield FC is an entirely different TEAM. Oldest football club but not us.
    You wouldn’t call Man United Manchester.
    However was glad to see we battled today after loosing the best manager we’ve had in years.

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