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“I’d love to batter these and improve our GD.”

“This season has shown us that last season no one really knew how to set up against these. This season they’ve been exposed.
If we’re on song we can easily put 5/6 against them. But if it’s been like the post Covid performances then a scrappy one nil.”

“We should be beating these easy, there’s a reason they’re bottom. “

“Just a case of how many we score and fully expect another clean sheet”

“they are a very poor team this season”

“I’m firmly in the Roy Keane camp wrt Sheffield United. I don’t care how dangerous they could be blah blah. They’re atrocious, they’ve lost 21 of their 26 league games this season and we must be beating sides like this. No excuses. Zero, nyet, nada”

“There’s no two ways about it that Sheffield United are a very poor team and anything other than a win would be a very disappointing result. They’re having the worst season in their history, one of the worst of any premier league team ever, or any team ever for that matter, saw a stat yesterday from one of their fans that they’ve lost twenty-one of their twenty-six games so far this season, no other team in the history of the football league has lost more of their first twenty-six games. They’ve also lost five of their last six games, so it’s not even as if their recent form has improved”.

“Sheffield are piss poor all over the park. Their defence gets tied in knots when players run at them, their midfield has no quality or creativity and their forward line is as potent as a chocolate button.”

“Sheffield United are shite. Plain and simple. We should be beating them by 2 or 3.”

“Need to test ramsdale, i dont rate him at all.”

“Surely Ramsdale cannot play like he did v Liverpool two games on the trot!”

“Sheff United don’t get battered, the are resilient and solid but have minimal goal threat, that’s been their problem all season. We need to be clinical in chances that emerge as they won’t give us loads.”

“Key to play Sheffield United is don’t do anything silly in first half. Despite their terrible run they’re usually right in games at half time (as shown tonight) but usually get ground down in second half.”

“Sheff Utd aren’t as bad as some people are making them out to be.”

“The table doesn’t lie, they really are! “

“Yeah, After 25 games and only 3 wins, 2 draws with only 15 goals scored and 41 against and amassing a grand total of 11 points says that as well !!!!!!!!”

“We have an excellent defence, they cant score goals so I expect them to score”

“this has the potential to be a huge banana skin… “

“With Sheffield all but could be that the pressure is off them now and they are just going to play for pride…This wont be an easy match “

“Obviously, they aren’t as bad as their points tally suggests. They’re definitely better than Albion and Newcastle for starters.”

“Sheffield United played well against Liverpool, they just lacked that little bit of composure or luck to get the ball over the goal line. The composure can be attributed to lack of confidence, understandable given where they are in the table. This will not be an easy game for Villa, quite the opposite. I think in Sheffield United you have a team that know they’re realistically down, but with so much of the season left to play they are playing for dignity and actually playing quite freely, from what I watched. It’s just putting the ball in the net that’s problematic for them, and on any given day that might change.”

“This is a team that isn’t hindered with fancy players already looking for a way out, with their 2nd or 3rd manager of a catastrophic season. No, from what I’ve seen is a team that have simply lacked that little bit of quality in front of goal, they are all still putting in a shift and don’t suffer lack of effort. Brewster has proven to be a completely ineffective signing for the Premier League, perhaps a naive signing when it’s clear to most observers that they needed more proven, experienced quality up front. Against Liverpool yesterday they could and should have scored at least a couple of goals. They didn’t and that’s their problem. But that doesn’t mean that Villa can turn up expecting chances to be missed by Sheffield United, Wednesday could be one of those rare days when Sheffield United chances get taken”

“Sheff Utd are still a tough team to face, they only lose by the odd goal. We just need to score first else we could get ourselves into some bother chasing a game as usual.”

“Tough team to score against”

“I’ve been unfortunate enough to have been sat in the home end at Bramall Lane for our last two visits, think it’s 6-1 to them over the two. Hope we can exact some revenge in my absence.”

“Lots of references to the ‘ghost goal’ incoming for this one. Probably be a bit of a broadcaster montage sequence about it in their usual style. Wouldn’t put it past the Premier League to engineer a ‘revenge’ VAR bit of indecency in this. “

“These lot hate us by the way…much like the rest of the league though to be fair. “

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By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Aston Villa”
  1. Yes we are poor but we don’t cheat and turn the magic eye off in the goal, but for that you’d be in Championship.

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