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“Sheffield United were never gonna be an easy game. People who thought that are completely deluded.
Still think our quality would shine through but you have to admire the heroic defending from Sheffield United. They clearly haven’t given up yet. “

“Well played Sheffield Utd.”

“Fair play to Sheffield Utd, they showed they wanted it more.”

“Sheffield Utd look like they’re fighting for their lives”.

“They deserved to get something from that!”

“Sheff Utd defended well to our blunt attacking play. Fair play to them.”

“Smith out thought by Wilder!”

” I think Chris Wilder wins the game – in the first half, tactically, he got his shape and his tactics completely right, we struggled to get out, struggled to do anything with the ball and were outnumbered all over the pitch, particularly in wide areas – he completely out-thought us. In the second half, his team gave an organised, disciplined defensive performance full of character. We were out-managed tonight and that’s to Wilder’s credit.”

“Credit to Sheffield too.class defending and dug in. Impressive. The clearings in the woods “

” Sheff Utd, well done to them I gotta say. Defended with bodies on the line.”

“We played last seasons Sheffield.”

“Fair play to Sheff U, that’s how you see out a 1-0 with ten men. I think the sending off did them a favour, we just started chucking it in the box and we were playing well in the second half up to then.”

“In some ways they did a Villa on us.”

“Credit to Sheffield . So well organised in defence especially after going down to 10. Ramsdale did well to deal with the crosses as well. Did absolutely well for what they need to do. Full on credit to them”

“Didn’t deserve to win that , professional footballers and they can’t beat the first man with a cross! Harsh red too so Sheffield United deserved the win!”

“They are probably owed that after last season, but what is with us against 10 men.”

“Fair play Sheffield United – they dug in and defended very well. Still think they are atrocious though.”

“its not as though sheff U played well. They were awful …and we could barely muster a shot on target against 10 men.”

“Can’t wait for Sheffield United to be relegated – got away with a penalty and should have ended the game with 9 men, all that talk of Sheffield ‘steel’ papers over a turgid team.”

“Those things arent Sheff U fault, it’s down to the officials. It’s like hating us and wanting us relegated because of the goal line technology issue. They will go down anyway”

“It’s clear to see why Sheffield United are going down”

“Shef Utd got promoted the same year as us and were far the better side by then. Now despite tonight they are almost certainly going to get relegated and we are almost certainly aren’t.”

“We’ve just lost to a team that I swear subbed on a 20 stone fan who must have won a competition.”

“We should have won that, poor finishing cost us a fairly comfortable win. Having said that, the approach to the game, and particularly the last half an hour was absolutely **** dreadful. We had no ideas other than twatting it in to the box from out wide.
To not get a result against Sheffield United with a man advantage for half an hour is just **** inexcusable.
Come the end of the season, it’ll be points dropped to the likes of this lot and Burnley that will have cost us what could have been a very good finish.”

“How the **** did we lose that? One of those games yet again. Restricted them to next to nothing and made more than enough chances to win it, infuriating.”

“We were crap but still created more than enough chances to win. Not good enough at all.”

“Frustrating that!! Should of won at a canter, had tons of chances but couldn’t put it away”

“We didn’t deserve to lose, but it was one of those games you feel you can play forever and not score. Missed some absolute sitters, too. Frustrated more than disappointed, really.”

“We are terrible against 10, especially as they were already ahead. Unlucky though as we had 4 very close chances, one a penalty shout. Frustrating but we are not terrible.”

“We were poor yet should have scored a hatful. Ref was terrible”

“Ramsdale had one save, from a shot that was straight at him. This was the worst performance of the season”

“Ramsdale (whose bang average) has had his easiest game of the season, laughing his tits off at one man team Villa.”

“What’s more embarrassing than losing to Sheffield United ? Losing to 10 man Sheffield United !”

“Embarrsement of a result that. Losing to one of the worst ever pl sides with a man down “

“Poor utter garbage can’t even beat 10 men against the worst team in the league.”

“Really hope Sheffield notches up another couple of wins because it would be embarrassing if Villa were among the teams who lost to the 2nd worst team in PL history”

“Quite an embarrassment, can we send Barkley back please!”

“Very sporting of us to bring on Barkley to make it 10 a side”.

“Can’t believe I was excited with Barkley signing, Terrible player”

“Smith needs to figure out how to play football without Grealish.”

“4 minutes added time and to blow up on 4 minutes is a **** joke. VAR must’ve taken 3 or 4 minutes on the red card alone plus 6 subs or so at 30 seconds a piece?
Officials were abysmal tonight all round Inc. The red card. Useless.”

“Should have been a penalty, that ref was awful, but that’s nothing new.”

“Ref was awful, for both teams, don’t think he got a decision right all night. .”

“As cynical as the Jagielka foul was it’s still a yellow all day long.”

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By Roy

7 thoughts on “View From Aston Villa”
  1. Villa really are deluded, trying to blame the ref and VAR (Villa assistant referee) for a bang average display by a bang average side. Just to think we did the scouting for half of there side.

  2. Very fair comments from Villa fans, not what I was expecting and not the usual rubbish you get. They’ve gone up in my estimation.

  3. O love how we get called one of worst sides ever, how soon they forget the 17 points they amassed when coming down.

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