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“That’s our first ever Premiership win away to Sheffield United…Mikel Arteta, record breaker, history maker”

“Overall a great performance yesterday, even though Sheffield Utd is by far the worst team in the league this season.”

“Tbf, you can’t even praise Arteta too much for this…you don’t deserve too much praise for beating the worst team in the league, just get the job done and we did.”

“We beat a mid table championship team.”

“We have found our level”

“Wish we could play against Sheffield United every game”

“Sheffield are so slow”

“Sheffield were crap to be fair. Bottom of the table and nothing to play for. “

“I mean let’s be honest Sheffield United are just about the worst Premiership team I can remember, but it’s fun to watch a match in which we’re clearly superior because I’d forgotten what that felt like.”

“Good result, not so good performance. Fortunately for us Sheffield had nothing. We subbed Saka for Willian who can harass them to force an error and solve the game, they sub McGoldrick for.. Brewster.”

“Great result and performance. Who we played must be taken in to consideration as they were awful.”

“Good performance, but as many have pointed out the opposition was pretty hopeless.”

“Make no mistake that Sheff Utd team is firmly in the top 2/3 worst sides of the PL era so I was annoyed to see us bringing on Willian and Elneny rather than Nelson or Azeez.”

“Good result but won’t read too much into it. Sheffield had no plan to get the ball forward and the players have given up.”

“Sheffield did not care at all”

“Sheffield Utd’s season so far.
P30 W4 D2 L25 F17 A55

“They are awful”

“I don’t want to kick Sheffield United when they’re down, but Ramsdale is one of the worst goalkeepers the PL has ever had.”

“Can’t think of many worse downgrades than Henderson last season to Ramsdale this”

“That sponsor on Sheffield United’s kit makes them look proper Brexit”

“Shefflield’s warmup jacket is dope AF though tbf”

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