“That’s no wins and just 2 goals scored against the bottom 3 this season. Even by our standards that’s genuinely embarrassing.”

“Disgraceful performance and such a predictable result as the game went on. West Brom away over again.
Do not recognise that side from the one that played against Chelsea. Unforgiveable decline in preformance, we have a highly talented but mentally weak squad of players.”

“What a pathetic performance”

“What do I tell my 7 year old lad tomorrow? Shocking tonight”

“Potter should come on and apologise for that.”

“They were crap
Were were crapper”

“Sheff Utd were fighting hard, not to stay up of course, but to prove themselves.”

“I agree about relegation being finalised released Sheff Utd and they played like preparation for next season.
2nd half flattered us because they sat deep. Yeah, you can say we looked decent because we had possession and knocked it around well, but how many chances, I mean good chances did we create? Maybe the woeful Maupay miss the best of them”

“Fair play to SU in that they defended very well second half although we need plan B when teams defend deep.”

“We didn’t really deserve anything”

“they nullified us the same way we did Chelsea.”

“Tactically and physically dominated there, I’m afraid to say. Lots of niggly little fouls by the Blades, high intensity and not letting us play.”

” I have to say, there was a certain predictable quality to that second half. We couldn’t have been much worse than the first half, against what was a spirited but technically team of grafters.
Tactically, I was astonished that the tweaks made were so minor, until the first substitutions. It was painfully obvious that the Blades had our number. It was eerily reminiscent of us under Hughton playing against the big sides; we’d occasionally snatch a win under almost identical circumstances.”

“As expected, no idea how to break down a defensive team, Potter, our tactical genius has no clue how to play any team that doesn’t leave spavce behind them.
We will never be top ten without an ability to shift and change tactics, something which under GP we are incapable of. “

” SU did the same to us tonight as they did at The Amex. We simply cannot play against the bus parkers”

“Bissouma was superb and, aside from perhaps John Egan the best player in the pitch”

“McGoldrick looked like prime Muzza, owning our entire defence as a target man”

“Can we sing McGoldrick for next season please, he always scores against us.”

“On paper, yes, we had chances, but if you watched the match, those stats flatter to deceive.”

“Of our 17 shots, only 4 were on target, do you recall Ramsdale making any particularly great saves? Having lots of awful shots doesn’t really equate to creating loads of chances. “

“24% of Sheffield United’s points this season have come courtesy of us”

“Being beaten again by one of the teams we rely on being worse than us. Pathetic. “

“Four points dropped against WBA and Sheffield United, how is that even possible with the players we have?”

“Any poster who says we dropped three points can never moan about #teamslikebrighton again.”


“If we don’t think we can get 3 points against a team that had 14 points all season we may as well give up!”

“We don’t deserve to be in this league if Sheffield Utd can do the double on us”

“I would have been happy with a draw, because Sheff Utd aren’t as bad as their points tally suggests.”

“I couldn’t see them scoring against our recently impressive defence, but knew we would struggle against a well organised defence.
Gifting them a goal was typical of us.
They weren’t going to score without it.
But equally we really didn’t look like scoring either. “

“Maupay isn’t good enough for this level”

“Maupay doesn’t like a pass behind him, in front of him, too fast, too slow, etc etc”

“The problem with Brighton is they always try to walk it in”

By Roy

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