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“Decent win in the end, should’ve been more but for their keeper and some iffy decision making. But decent result.”

“I thought we played well although it almost always seems to go through ASM.”

“Bruce’s army hanging on in there. Yawn.”

“Jesus Christ a wins a win. But **** me we make it hard work.
No one can watch that game and tell me that Bruce isn’t a dick.”

“Amazing having fans back”

“Great to see fans back like”

“Wow what a difference the crowd makes at St James great atmosphere.”

“What a stinking gam.Nice to make sure the fans in attendance get the full Steve Bruce masterclass. “

“I’m telling you now, if that cabbage heed prick is in the dugout first game next season, I definitely won’t be watching. 34% possession at home to Sheff utd. I mean, in isolation it’s a ****ing sackable offence.”

“Classic Bruceball. Total muppet!”

“game… 3/10, mainly due to willock.
crowd…. 0/10,nothing about bacon, one barely audible anti-ashley chant.
pathetic in all honesty.”

“No way are we signing Willock”

“That we have years more of Ritchie and Gayle is frightening. Willock will go somewhere ambitious and we’ll be drafting Fraser back into the side.”

“Yeah no takeover and no willock.”

“5 at the back at home against the worst team in the league”

“for a variety of reasons I haven’t watched a single game of ours this year, mostly because the sight of the fat mess in our dubiously named technical area properly makes my flesh crawl..”

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By Roy

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