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“Hope everyone supports the team v sheff u but any anger needs to be directed at the EPL for refusing to make a decision on our takeover”

“Man Utd spent the best part of half a billion, have won cups and are heading to another final and protest for there club, then there’s Newcastle pillaged for 14 years happy to be there on Wednesday again Sheff Utd honestly I despair”

“Well with Sheff u winning at Everton,the Newcastle fans that are going on weds have 1 job now as a game that doesnt matter…Bruce Out screamed for 90 mins to let him know…its time to go”

“Every single one of us going to the sheff Utd match has an obligation to make it crystal clear what we think of Steve Bruce. Its not about goin to support the team it’s about going to get rid of Bruce.”

“Bruce is at breaking point as evident by his recent interviews, he’s close to resigning. It’s important that we keep the pressure on. If you’re going to the Sheff Utd game, give him hell for 90 minutes. Let him know that we’re more than some keyboard warriors.”

“Hope he gets hell from the 10000 in at sheff utd”

“Get the cabbages ready lads”

“Replace the words of Smelly Cat with Cabbage Heed?? This need to go down at Sheff Utd game “Cabbage heed, cabbage heed what are they feeding you??” “Cabbage heed, cabbage heed it’s never your fault!!”

“I would get rid of Bruce tomorrow. But lots of talk about cabbages and that for sheff utd. For me I’d rather any protests be directed firstly at the likes of Ashley or Hoffman . I think Bruce thankfully is gone in the summer”

“If the team don’t beat Sheff Utd and Fulham now then you can melt that manager of the month trophy down and send it to the 800 season ticket holders who have bothered entering a balot for tickets.”

“The recent history of Newcastle means it would feels on brand for us to follow up nearly upsetting the Man City juggernaut with an insipid failure of a performance against Sheffield United. So we can only hope we don’t do that”

“Scoring 7 goals in consecutive games against two of the league’s best sides before being complete impotent v 20th Sheffield United would be peak Newcastle United. “

“Of course you can forgive conceding goals to a team like Man City. But 5 clean sheets in 36 games this season – only Sheff U have less – is pretty abhorrent.”

“Im not scared of Sheffield”

“We will batter Sheffield United on Wednesday”
“We should really look too humiliate sheffield United”

“Anyone got a deep feeling of foreboding for Wednesday night? Sheffield United beat Everton (lol) and we’re on the beach. I hope I’m wrong and we keep this run of decent performances up, but something is nagging at me that we’ll lose”

“SUFC could win at Newcastle, without a stretch of the imagination. Our ” recovery ” is build on sand.”

“Can’t wait for the overlapping centre half’s to appear again on Wednesday for Sheff Utd. It would be peak Toon to get done by them.”

“Let’s hope we can wallop Sheff Utd & Fulham in our last 2 matches to send a message that we’re determined to improve next season”

“Seven goals in two games against Leicester and Man City. Mad. Keep it up against Sheff Utd and Fulham please. Entertain us”

“Saudi Arabia: Boxing – no outrage F1 – no outrage Sheff Utd – no outrage Newcastle United – outrage from every man and his dog”

“We should buy this Jebbison from Sheffield Wednesday. He’d do a better job than Joelinton”

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