“All the best Clarky. Was genuinely impressed with him after what we had heard from Villa. Rafa had him fettled. Hope to see him again as a coach somewhere, when we are mint. “
“he’s been a wonderful servant best wishes to him”

“Good servant. Should have been peddled 18 months ago.”

“Bit of a sad end to it really. Not nice seeing players who’ve played their part get kept on past their sell by date to the extent that in the end the fans are pleased to see the back of them.
He leaves a few years ago and I think most would only have good memories of him.”

“You might snigger but he was the player that dragged us back up at the end of 16/17. Scoring massively important goals and putting in MOTM performances. Same goes to a lesser extent in 17/18 and us staying up.”

“he was a tremendous signing for his contribution between 2016-18. £10/12/13m, whatever it was, he more than repaid in those two years.”

“Clark helped us in the Championship and did as well as he could, he looked really comfortable on the ball and scored a few good goals too. The last few seasons though have been rough. He’s 32, which isn’t super old, but yeah it is what it is.”

“Clark is a decent pro and a good servant of the club, but like many of our players he’s simply not good enough for this level, we bought him in the championship to help us get promoted and he did, but he should’ve been gone a long time ago”

“He was a solid player for where we were at when we signed him, just should have been properly replaced earlier. Arguably he was with Lejeune. Some great goals but equally some terrible gaffes over the years. “

“His days at PL level are over. He was brilliant for us when we needed him in the Championship but should never have been higher than 4th choice when we won promotion.”

“I think coming here he showed that in a low block he could be a suitable defender. At 32, he’s now showing signs of decline and we should move him on. “

“Silly mistakes on the pitch but always seems professional”

“His attitude has been fine and he was easily our best defender in the Championship. He’s just not very good at this level and is still here purely out of the previous owner’s neglect.”

“He’s absolutely terrible in this set up and level but that’s not really his fault”

“He can be solid and dangerous in the opposition box but overall he is too much of a liability defensively”

“He chipped in with a fair few goals and was a good squad player before declining fairly rapidly and becoming a liability.”

“Clark would be a great choice for a newly promoted team looking to go straight back down.”

“He was a poor Premier League defender when he was at his peak in a shite Villa side”.

“He was fourth choice at Villa in a team that got relegated. Still blows my mind”

“He’s a liability and no one should make any excuses for him the villa fans nicknamed him calamity clark for a reason.”

“More or less guaranteeing defeat selecting him, he’s that bad. He’s shot to bits mentally and physically and needs to drop down a few divisions so he can look competitive again. He’s done here and at any other club in the top 2 divisions.”

“In a parallel universe nobody would bat an eye at him being mid-table in League 1 playing for Sheff Wed or Ipswich.”

“League One defender now”

“He’ll still manage to find a way to cost us points. ”

“I really really hate this man.”

By Roy

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