“Would love to have had Khadra back. Pace, trickery and can hit it cleanly – has potential to be a very good player. No doubt his decision making needs serious work but in tight championship games he can be the difference.”

“p*ssed off to see Khadra go Sheff Utd. Seeing them sign the centre half we wanted and now Khadra hurts. Seems like no one of any decent quality wants to come to us.”

“our best run last season came with Khadra and Brereton as the attacking threats”

“Last season for me it was obvious how much we neeedd both Khadra and Brereton on the pitch, as they were by far our sharpest two going forward.”

“showed glimpses, and was unplayable at times.”

“Rothwell was inconsistent as was Khadra but both will leave holes that will be difficult to equally replace considering we have received nothing for either upon their departure.”

“Decent player but needs to work on his end product before he can be considered a top Championship player.”

“Good when it suits him. Bit of a headless chicken. “

“I wouldn’t say Khadra was a success. He’s was ok, no more than that. “

“Khadra is useful but inconsistent”

“jury out – played out of position and not a constant in the team which affected his confidence. “

“I’m not convinced that we wanted Khadra back”

“had it on very good authority that there is a mutual disinterest in a reunion.
He was apparently a bit of a moaner, didnt like the cold. Also there is belief he was fit way before the end of season but downed tools and refused to accept to play a part in the run in well before out season ran its course.”

“Khadra is a lot of trouble by all accounts. Pass and move on to the bottom of the barrel”

“They can have him. Greedy headless chicken who thinks it’s all about him. Shame as he has all the attributes you’d want but just too inconsistent for me”

“Khadra scored about 4 goals and lost the ball more than he did more step overs.”

“Hardly a key player last season”

“I wasn’t Khadra ’s biggest fan either. A bit of a “ Roadrunner “. Beep, Beep. “

“I honestly don’t think we will miss Khadra one bit”

“I’d hope we can do better than Khadra . He was alright, but hardly pulled up trees.”

“I wouldn’t want to buy Khadra – decent player, but not worth forking out for.”

By Roy

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