Bordeaux Fans

“You have to leave my little one, it’s not with us that you’re going to evolve”

“it’s scandalous if he ends up in sheffield”

“shefield when he had to go to city or Chelsea last year, bizarre for the future best defender in the world “

“He has such a level, such potential, such a mentality that he deserves to play in a balanced, healthy and ambitious club.”

“He is very good.”


“Bad news that we aren’t signing him”

“Top 3 best player of the team in the 2nd part of the season”

“you have to watch the matches with your eyes closed so as not to see that the kid has potential”

“I think he will have a good career. At least win in a top 10 club in a good league”

“With good players around, this guy will explode!”

“seems to have a higher level than gregersen.”

“showed a lot of character”

“It’s a pity but it was necessary to suspect it. He deserves to have a good career. We would have stayed in Ligue 1, he would be with us, but hey, it doesn’t matter.”

“real potential – maybe not to be a top player and pretend to clubs in the 1st and 2nd European zone, but maybe already enough for us.”

“we got so used to mediocrity that Ahmedhozic passes for Maldini.”

“Anel has qualities but not those necessary in L1: restarting with both feet while carrying the ball to make a surplus is useless when you take water in your 25 m in each duel.”

“let’s not forget that he contributed to the descent into Ligue 2 of the club”

“He has potential, it’s not quite the same thing as “he’s a monster, our best defender for years”! And if he had real potential, there wouldn’t only be second-rate clubs on him!! “

Malmo Fans

“Thanks for everything Anel. For the leadership, for the spontaneity, the twinkle in the eye, the winning instinct, the spectacular gliding tackles, for your genuine love for our team and our city. MFF and Allsvenskan will be poorer without you but you will come home one day and lead us to new heights!”

“You are always welcome back! Thank you for your heart and your magical efforts. incomprehensible that the Swedish national team management did not see your potential, if you had now wanted to play for Sweden. Bosnia and Herzegovina is to be congratulated”

“Good luck Anel, and thank you for your efforts in Sky Blue see you again!”

“ He stayed and helped Malmö defend their Swedish Championship gold and qualify for CL. “

“He is already to good for that league. Only team big enough is Ajax, the rest is not on his level.”

“Take your billions, your TV deals, your oil money and your record transfers and all that crap and stop somewhere! Nothing compares to pride when your own products go all the way!”

“a lyre player who has given us an incredible amount has left MFF. Now we congratulate and thank you! Thanks for everything Anel!”

“Good luck”

“The King”

“I think Anel will be my new Z. We followed his career and watched the matches in the teams he was io cheering on them. Until we no longer did. I will follow Anel’s path now. Cool rose. He will turn the course. Will see just1 this spring. Forward Anel!”

By Roy

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