I suspect a purchase with buy back will soon be revealed.
Another who falls under the talented,not quite currently good enough,but has great potential,banner.”

“He played very well for England u21s. I think he is very underrated now and almost forgotten about”

“I know he’s not highly rated but he’s still a very tidy player.”

“He was and still is highly rated. I think lack of playing time has effected his early career. The loan last season was great for him”

“He’s a type of player I like. That Alonsoesque type. Can pick a pass from anywhere. Tommy is great at set pieces as well.”

“Development isn’t linear, every player progresses at a different rate. Look at Kalvin Phillips, for example. When he was Tommy’s age 6-7 years ago, no one thought that he would, one day, catch the eye of one of the best teams in the world. I still have hope for Tommy.”

“His tenacity is always appreciated by fans.”

“His set piece delivery is superb. He could be a bit of a late bloomer like Ward-Prowse.”

“The truth is he’s a box-to-box player, but we don’t really have one of those, we have a 6 and two 8’s, Bernardo maybe qualifying as a box-to-box in some games. Pep’s been speaking about him having to learn to play as a 6 for 2 years now, it’s where he played him on his debut and IMO the only way he plays for this club because there’s a pile of attacking midfielders better than him. “

“I liken Tommy to Gerrard in the way he plays. Box to Box, lot’s of Energy & drive, a natural leader, great at striking a ball, crosses, set pieces etc…”

“Doyle is not a good enough playmaker nor is he a good enough holding midfielder. So in that sense it’s unlikely he’ll ever have any significant squad role under Pep. Of course, as you say, he can always learn, but so far he seems unwilling or unable to learn the Fernandinho/Rodri role which is realistically essentially the only role he could play in our team.”

“he will never play for us as he’s a million miles from being at that level. If he plays his career out in the championship, he’d have done well.”

Cardiff Fans

“Interesting to see how he does in a marginally better side.
Think he’s a good footballer”

“marginally better?!”

“I was hoping we’d sign him”

“It’s often banded around on this message board that “so and so would walk into any top six Championship side” – I believe Tommy Doyle truly would.”

“Brilliant player”

“Ima really miss Doyle”

“He was a major factor in us climbing the table away from trouble. Fantastic at set pieces and very calm in the ball always makes the right decisions and never seen him have a bad game.”

“Tidy player”


“A success from last season”

“fully on board with the Tommy Doyle appreciation”

“From January with Doyle and Wintle added you could see the ability gulf between them and Vaulks”

“He can pick a pass”

“I think he’s class not sure that he’s premier league level“

“started to run out of steam or he could have been playing with a knock or not been well you just don’t know”

“He’s a good player with bags of potential and obvious talent, but he’s very far from the finished article.”

“Doyle is OK…ish”

“Went missing a couple times, South Wales Derby one example. Good player though and should thrive when surrounded by better players.”

“He’s a good player, no doubt that, and he’ll almost certainly get better with time and experience. I just think some of the plaudits he recieved since his arrival here have been over the top. He had a couple of really good games, some decent games and a few where you wouldn’t know he was supposed to be anything special by any stretch of the imagination. “

“A couple of good moments but he seems anonymous for most of the games I’ve seen him play.”

“I reckon he’d be a decent squad player for almost any side in this division and he’d get plenty of game time at most of them, but he wouldn’t simply walk into too many sides”.

“Sheff Utd, have got Fleck, Norwood, and Berge. He’s a good player but he’s not that good (yet).”

“I think the quality of Doyle’s performances are being overstated.”

“A midfielder with a hint of talent would always look impressive against the background of the rest of our midfield.”

“Doyle is assertive on the ball, everything is about getting the ball forward, and at pace, you can see that he has been coached at a club who play that way. He’s attempting to play the game in the correct way, to many of our fans, he looks like some kind of footballing revolutionary, he isn’t, not yet, maybe never. It just shows us how starved of a decent assertive midfielder we as fans have been for so many years. I do like him though.”

By Roy

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