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“No shame in losing narrowly to a team going for promotion with a home record like theirs.”

“Fair play to Sheffield who came out all guns blazing in 2nd half. “

“we just lost 1-0 to relegated premier league team who are finding their mojo. Berge and Gibbs white are probably too good for the championship and they rest are top end championship with premier experience”

“Gibbs white and berge are both quality players , too good for this level”

“there were positives, as last week, as the teams currently 5th & 6th beat us by a single goal and I am looking forward to next season”

“At the moment Cardiff can’t even compete with “smaller” clubs like Luton and Huddersfield, both of whom are somehow able to compete with Sheffield United and even be above them in the table with two games of the season left.”

“as for Sheffield they’re performances are inconsistent as today showed so not surprised they’ve struggled to get into top 6 compared to huddersfield and Luton.”

“After the first 15 minutes we were never going to score. It’s like they don’t know what to do once they’re in the final third & either give the ball back or try hitting everything except the space between the goalposts.”

“Offered absolutely nothing going forward.”

“could have been 2 – 0 up after 10 minutes”

“Effort is the minimum required and yes we tried but we were shocking in the second half. Morison says the team are in transition but I am sorry there is no excuse for not doing the basics correctly. The misplaced passes in the final third were dreadful. Truly park level stuff. “

“The sooner this pitiful season ends the better.”

“Seasons been over mathematically since reading. Being hysterical over losing 1 0 to playoff bound teams with this squad is pointless.”

“I suppose if Sheff Utd beat us it makes it harder for Millwall to sneak into the play-offs.
Every cloud has a silver lining.”

“the abuse from their fans towardsthe ckyb DR was unacceptable. I hope they know who the individual is- club ban and a donation to the charity of the doctors choice.”

“I love Cardiff City and I love going to games….but let’s be honest there are some absolute arseholes who “support” us. There was a guy in his 50’s kicking cars and bins on Sloper Road after the home game vs Swansea. We all hated losing but seriously….”

By Roy

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