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“I think we are already on our summer holidays.”

“Totally on the beach. Can’t wait for the season to end”

“I will be glad when the season is over. It just feels like we are running down the season.”

“Incredible as you’d think individuals would be straining at the leash to earn new contacts. Unless some know that they are definitely leaving (in which case, why play them?)
Some have been awarded new contracts and thinking about holidays and a new kitchen”

“We went for a summer holiday before the Swansea game and never came back”

“we look like a team just going through the motions”

“We are week in week out consistently going behind to our opponents and struggle to come back”

“Hard to watch us at the moment”

“Some of the players have, ran out of, steam that’s for sure.
Playing without a big centre half doesn’t help..”

“We need a massive influx of quality this summer to be competitive next season.
Our end to the season and the flat performances will not help season ticket sales.”

“I don’t think any of them are at the beach or not giving it full gas, there is a lot of experimenting going on.”

“I just find it astounding that Morison is clearly trying new formations, giving kids a chance, looking at combinations, etc., yet he’s being hammered for losing narrowly to the 4th placed team”

“I fully expect these changes to continue, so preparation for next season isn’t just about the youngsters, even though he is doing that, but about finding the best formation for particular games and the best partnerships within that.”

By Roy

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