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“Great match especially second half.”

“Really boring first half, much better 2nd though.
I’ll take a point although either side could have had more.”

“A fair result”

“After being outplayed in the first half IMO we put in a determined and hard working second half and it waS actually a decent game/performance with a draw just about the right outcome.”

“Deserved that point if not more in the end I thought. Sheff Utd were very toothless”

“On that evidence I think Sheff U will be in our division again next season, although they were without a host of players.”

“With better decision-making in the final third, we could’ve scored three or four but for the final pass and Weimann would have 20 on the board. Other than that, can’t fault the second-half performance.”

“Another couple points dropped but at least its not three like usual, defensively solid and found gaps to exploit them. Good point in the end!”

“Genuinely excellent second half performance. Really enjoyed it. “

“Considering the prize Sheffield United are playing for, I thought we put up a fantastic fight in the second half.”

“Second half much better, we also had enough to have won that.”

“Some better final 3rd decisions and we win that but a draw against sixth”

“Given the chances we created last half hour disappointed not to win it, not something I thought I would say half time. They had more of the ball, but other than their goal where somebody lost their man for the original shot, restricted them to very little really.”

“Even with the number of chances Sheffield United had in the first half, I think the goal is the only time I ever really felt they looked like scoring.”

“we should have won that comfortably”

“after the first half, I never thought we`d see them making a time-wasting sub to hang on for a point,”

“Looking at their goal surely it should have been disallowed for dangerous kicking he nearly took Scott’s head off”

“That Gibbs White is a great player “

“and a total *** !”

By Roy

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