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“Do we think it’s going to be a big crowd or have people given up now we aren’t in with a chance of top 6? It’s been a hugely disappointing end to a season that at one stage promised so much. I’m going on Friday night but it would be a shame to see a half empty ground for the players to run out to for our final home fixture this season.”

“Think it’ll be a poor attendance the way the season has just petered out without a whimper, also Bank Holiday weekend people may have better things to do than watch a team who lacks passion effort idea slow boring Backwards football, cant imagine anyone other than Sheff U fans buying tickets for this? Only ST holders likely to turn up “

“I’ve given my season tickets to someone else, so I can do something more satisfying than watching the garbage served up by MW.
Quite frankly I’ve seen enough tippy tappy, backwards and sideways passing to last another two seasons.”

“I was going to go but after a promising start we’ve been absolutely pathetic so I’ll give it a miss”

“We must’ve been above Blades for 90% of season. The spectacular collapse overseen by Warburton is hugely dispiriting and makes Friday’s game hard to watch with them going for play-offs…. feels like gate-crashing someone else’s wedding. I can fully understand many people giving the game a swerve. On top of that I think moving game from Saturday at 3pm to the Friday night has probably dissuaded at least 3000 Rs fans, particularly family groups with kids, from going.”

“I’d imagine the atmosphere will be as flat as a pancake. Imagine how different it could have been with one more victory earlier in the season 🙁 “

“I feel the fans, those who turn up, need to give Warburton and the team the bird, tbh”

“Wheels come off like a hover craft”

“Win 5 nil Friday and back with a squeak. lol.”

“Blackburn Rovers fans thinking QPR will do them a favour…. they should think again.
Waiting for that Sheffield United corner routine to be executed to a tee with Rangers players stuck in another dimension as Westwood waves it into his net again.”

“Even though Sheff Utd got very lucky having us as their last away game, I think we’ll turn in a half-decent effort, before the inevitable loss.”

” I am fairly confident Sheffield will be added to the list of clubs taking 6 points off us”

” Sheff Utd, remember, will in the main have booked their trains already for th Saturday date because they only got 3 weeks notice of the move and EMR are absolute pigs about changing them. They’re not in great touch, and have the world’s worst play-off record anyway. The oppo interview just landed and he says “can’t wait for the season to end” so not sure how many they;ll be bringing either.”

“Wow, just wow! I’d gladly swap places with them. The Blades are in the play-offs, with a three point cushion, and their form in the last five games is the joint best of the teams which can still catch them. OK, they may be poor in the play-offs, but at least they have a chance and hoodoos can be broken, see also Rangers at the City Ground.
I say again: Wow”

“Also, they are playing US, a grade even below Charity Park Rangers. This is a sho in for an Away Win. Shame that the bookies feel the same way – Paddy Power: Home win 13/5 Draw 14/5 Away Win 20/23
Odds on away win. Surely the Sheff U fans will be up for this? They will be in with a chance on the final day. Even before the Cardiff game, I never expected us to be out of the running by now.”

By Roy

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