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“Could have been 5-1 that match “

“It could’ve been 1-10. “

“Sheff utd are so much better than us”

“If we needed to know why we’re not in the playoffs and Sheff Utd are, that was the definitive tutorial. “

“. I thought they looked good and controlled the game. Could be a tough opponent for the play-offs. “

“They are a class above us end of story”

“second class all over the pitch”


“Another embarrassing performance. “

“Felt like they had 5 more players in our box.”

“actually embarrassing, leagues apart.”

“Away side 15 corners and 27 shots at goal just shows how sh#te we have become.”

“an embarrassment”

“That was an abysmal performance”

” beaten by the better more determined team. “

” a really tough watch. “

“Sheff Utd looked so much better than us in every department. “

“Blades just looked fitter and stronger. “

“Yes Sheff Utd are a much better team, with more resources – but this is just a capitulation too far.”

“up there with the most shocking displays I’ve seen. Absolutely shocking. “

“Even Lee Johnson and Chris Hughton are watching this thinking they’ll give it a swerve.”

“Sheffield Utd showing how ordinary you have to be to make the play-offs”

“unsurprising defeat against a team who wanted it more, I think United sensed a weakness in our keepers ability in the air and exploited it well. they are a fairly basic unit who fight as a team.”

“Norwood is a great player
His corners and free kick are everything
We do not have”

“We made sheff u look like Liverpool. Robinson look like laporte.”

“I hate Jack Robinson “

“Anyone but Robinson.”

“Robinson should have been sent off for that. Farking ridiculous. “

“. As for Robinson, he was their best player. We paid 1 million for him; spent a year out with a serious injury while on loan and when he started to show some promise, he left on a free!”

“A stunning finish by Hourihane, who was…surprise surprise, unmarked “

“Every cloud. Finished millwall and put luton’s playoff chances at risk. “

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From QPR”
  1. QPR had decent start kept pressure on most off season why u lot grumbling thought u lot done well don’t forget 3 top teams have parachute payments so chin up get behind ur lads see what happens next

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