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“Middlesbrough and maybe Sheff Utd would rather be in our position, so let’s not worry about last night, just go out and beat a poor Reading side.”

“I suspect that, despite yesterday’s result, Sheffield United, Middlesbrough and Millwall would all rather be in our position in terms of points and opposition on Saturday (but not in terms of injuries).”

“In all reality, we have the best match against our rivals.
Mainly because we are at home.”

“Dust ourselves off , hope for a few players to come back , and back the team like we’ve never done before. COYH it’s in our hands how many would of taken that at the start of the season”

“Let’s put last night to bed and get behind whatever 11 are played on Saturday.”

“Have only lost back to back games once all season. Have faith we will bounce back. “

“We will beat Reading. It’ll be nervy and it might be a scrappy 1-0. We need to make it intimidating for Reading. We’re all worried, but let’s get that out of our system on here tonight and then get ugly and shithousy on Saturday.”

“Most important thing Is to rebuild morale after yesterday ,I’m sure many of the players are shell shocked after the defeat !”

“not the end of the day if we don’t make them, still be a great season.”

“sheff u have Fulham who will be going for a couple of goal records and will have a big following …pne must somehow be up for it to deny Boro another win .”

“For me a Fulham team already promoted and going for a goals record are very dangerous opponents indeed. My guess is us and Boro make it”

“I think Sheff Utd will lose against Fulham”

“You would hope that Fulham win at Sheff U which means we only need a draw.”

“They are definitely not a team you want to play when they have freedom, so hopefully do a number on Sheffield U next Saturday”

“I can’t see Fulham going easy next weekend, they look like a team that loves playing and scoring”

“I can’t see Millwall scoring lots of goals at Bournemouth, whatever the result tonight”

“They might not have to if Fulham get a hatfull again .”

” the problem is I guess Fulham will rest most of the team after todays result,we just need to get the win but after today’s result not so sure we will now ,it will be nail biting”.

“We will draw on Saturday and so will the others.”

“Boro will beat Preston”

“Preston beat QPR and drew with Millwall at home in April and have scored in 6 of their last 7 (Except Fulham).
I think Preston could easily win.”

“They were pathetic against Blackburn and Boro have hit form again, I don’t expect anything other than a Boro win by about 3 or 4 goal margin”

“I honestly feel atm that I rather not get a battering in the Play offs…
Might feel different if we whack 4 past Reading… but can’t see it atm…!!”

“Beat Reading? I don’t put much faith in that not what I’ve just seen simply not good enough”

“Percentages to date –

Sheff U win at home 54%
Sheff U win or draw at home 77%

Fulham win away 60%
Fulham win or draw away 81%

Luton win at home 50%

Reading win or draw away 40%

Both games very even on season statistics.

Possibly the most worrying stat is Boro win away 27%…”

“I am absolutely positive we will win and very confident we will make play offs and quietly confident of winning them too.”

“Sheffield United are hosting the runaway league winners who have scored over a hundred league goals and seven against a play off hopeful yesterday.
Luton have just leaked seven in their last match and are hardly invincible.
Reading, their opponents won away a fortnight ago at Sheffield United.
I believe we are a better team than Preston, Sheff Utd and Luton and will prevail”.

“I do feel confident because we are going into a game we need to win on the back of a draw at Swansea and 2 comfortable home wins. Also have a good record at Deepdale I believe. I fancy a 0-2 away win.”

“Quite confident, but that’s rarely been an indicator of anything in my time watching us.”

“think we will win because Wilder will make sure we do.
I also think Luton have run out of steam and will find it hard against a relaxed Reading.
Fulham were superb last night, any more of that and Sheff U will have no chance.”

“Sheffield have been inconsistent
Fulham are by far the best team in the league
Luton are in bother.. maybe
Reading are better than their league position
Preston have a solid team
Boro are in the ascendency”

“100% we will beat Preston. I can’t say the same for either Of the other results.”

“I really can’t see Fulham accepting a loss to be honest they will probaly draw. But Fulham won’t want to end the season with a loss”

“I’d be bricking it if I was a Sheffield United fan.
Injuries to key players and they’re playing the best side in the league in a party mood.
Obviously I’d still sooner be them than us, as they’ve got the advantage, but it’s a very nervy position to be in.”

“I don’t blame Sheff Utd for being confident, they’ll be rooting around for the positives as much as many of us are.
Last game of the season, big home crowd, needing a result, Fulham theoretically having little to play for.
I’m sure that’s what many will be saying.
I don’t think it will be as simple as that though.
But I have nothing against Sheffield United as a club, if we don’t make it, I hope they or Huddersfield go up”.

“I still wish Fulham hadn’t won the title tonight. I really believe it was our best chance them having something to fight for. We are now relying on Fulham and Reading playing for pride when in truth, neither team has anything to play for. I think it was the WORST outcome possible”

“sheff utd have an easier game now. Fulham have won the league. We needed it to go to the last game.”

“Sheff U fans already getting edgy on social media. If they don’t start game well I’m sure the edginess will transcend from stands to pitch”

“I am certain that we will win. We have more to fight for than Preston. I don’t think it will be easy as they are at home and will want to send fans home happy too. I think our support will help gee the lads up and over the line.
I think both Sheffield and Luton will win too unfortunately as they are both at home and have more to fight for than just pride. I have more hope in Fulham than Reading getting anything from their game personally because, well they are a better team. I am sure Reading and Fulham will play professionally in the game and do their best, we just need to hope all their players put a normal shift in for one more game.”

“I think we will win quite comfortably.
I just wish I was as confident about Luton/Sheff UTD dropping points.
Unfortunately I think we will still end up 7th at the end of the day!!!!”

“I’m more confident of us beating Preston than Fulham beating Shef U.
The job is already done for Fulham and they signed off at home with a fantastic display for their fans and the stakes for Shef U are obvious.”

“We will win. But all for nothing as sheff itd and luton win too. Will be a damp squib of a weekend i feel.”

“I’m more confident of us winning than Luton or Sheff Utd dropping points if I’m honest, but you never know, these things often have a twist in the tale.”

“I’m not completely confident. The last two results have hopefully got us up and running again but i could very much imagine a draw. They’ve only lost 4 at home but drawn 10.
I think we’ve got a good chance though as we should be well up for it. If we had a consistent striker we’d all be a lot more confident i’m sure (but then we’d probably be firmly in the top 6 anyway)”

“I have the ‘typical boro’ feeling”

“I’m confident that we won’t win.”

“Sheff Utd and Luton will both lose, but we’ll only draw having dominated the entire game. Nailed on. Typical Boro. It’s the hope that kills you. Etc.”

“It would be a horrific feeling if we do not win the game and Sheff U or Luton slip up.”

“If I was a Sheff Utd fan I would be totally expecting to lose to Fulham.
I’m a Boro fan and I’m expecting to lose to Preston!”

“We are 20/1 with Bet365 to finish in the top six, it was 100/1 before Fulham’s match yesterday”

“I wrote us off after Brum and even then hopes were thin. The universe is clearly on our side, if only to kick us in the teeth at the final hurdle! Same old ‘wall…but is it? Nothing to lose”

“Sorry to be a glass half empty misery guts but while I’ve got faith that Preston will have a good go at Boro I’ve zero belief that wanky Reading will do anything else than roll over at Luton like the absolute drips that they are.”

“Anything can happen. They turned over Sheff Utd a few weeks ago at Bramell Lane. Also put 4 past Swansea. Luton under massive pressure now to win. Without a few players also. Pressure can do all sorts, come 3pm on Saturday we’ll see what pressure does to them. Today will be a massive headache for them. Anything can happen, this is Millwall after all….”

“I’ve just got a feeling reading will do Luton”

“Luton will be shell shocked after today and might bottle it, if ‘boro find themselves in a game they might get nervous as well. All we have to do is just go for it, have no regrets and if we fail then at least go out with our studs on.”

“In one way, having Middlesbrough in the mix is good for us. If we were the only threat to Luton, they could go out knowing a draw would be enough. But with Middlesbrough, they know that a draw won’t be enough if Middlesbrough win. It all adds up to more pressure on Luton. Hopefully, they’ll crack(and hopefully Middlesbrough won’t win either).”

“At the end of the day seeing Luton and their mouse faced manager get their arses handed to them is pure pleasure.”

“God I hate Luton. Getting thrashed by Fulham couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of inbreds”

” there’s always the chance that Fulham could put a few past Sheffield United. No, I wouldn’t bet on it but if any team is capable of beating them by 3 or 4, it’s Fulham.”

“Fulham win their last game 4-0.
Reading beat Luton whose arsehole goes when it matters
Us and Boro win our last games and pop into 5th and 6th”

“Depends on how many Sheff Utd lose by… if they lose 7-0 our task is not so great after all”

“Having a think about my life following Millwall, lots of up’s and down but many many giant killings and general shocks. If any club knows how to piss on peoples chips and gatecrash a party it’s us, there is no one better at it than Millwall. I’ll hold that thought until the final whistle.”

“I’ll climb off the fence and predict that we will KO next season in the Championship, it was a hard call”

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