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“I am so ready for a stress-free trip to Sheffield. Heading up on the Friday, hanging on the Saturday for the lunchtime kick-off. Oh yes, the title party will be in full swing at Bramall Lane, best believe that.”

“I can see us putting on a Exciting show Saturday! “

“It would be the cream on top to belt Sheffield United up next”

“from the video of them in the dressing room etc, seem to enjoy playing together so much, reckon we’ll be going for it. Admittedly, you’d imagine they’ve had as many drinks as we have over the last week or so, so maybe… “

“Can we get 3 at Sheffield United? This would mean we break the all time second division scoring record set by Manchester City in 2002 of 108!
What an amazing day that would be. Champions, highest ever scorers, highest ever goal scorer, best ever goal difference, best team in history of championship? “

“It’s definitely doable with this group of players and would be a great way to finish a fantastic season #believe “

“Yes we can. If they play like they did last night, they would put 3 past Man City! “

“After humiliating Luton I think it’s only fair we try to help them by putting a few past Sheffield.”

“Sheff Utd has to win, so Fulham can exploit that with quick breaks and some great finishes, 6 – 0, I can see that.”

“Doubt if the Blades will feel particularly compliant. Last game they gave the Ha-Has a good drubbing after initially falling behind. Avoiding defeat would be a good result. A win nice. But three goals?? Don’t expect Ollie Norwood will give us any favours.”

“I think we should finish this season as we mean go start next year. It would be a complete flatline to go from 7-0 win in second last game to 1 or 2-0 defeat in final game. would leave a sour taste all around.
Also, we wouldnt want to be accused of trying to influence the outcome of the playoffs by not taking the last game seriously!”

“Hard fought draw”

“I hope we attack, attack, attack, and even if we lose 4-3 we break all sorts of records.”

“There will be goals a plenty. They have to go for it, and we’ll play at strong team.”

“I believe due to the importance of the game regarding playoffs we will have to field a strong side or run the risk of falling foul of the EFL”

“It would be very unfair and disrespectful to the teams fighting for a play off place to put out a weakened team. We should always do our best to win any match we play, with the strongest available eleven. “

“Sheff Utd has plenty to play for, so we need to put out the best team we can for various reasons.”

“We should put out a strong side for the sake of carrying momentum into next season. Would hate to end the season with a loss. “
“Because it is the last game and because it is the first as champions and because sheffield united and the teams around them are still in the hunt AND because I am attending, I do believe we should play the full team.
If we had won the championship weeks ago then it would have been a good idea to try others but to make wholesale changes would be wrong.
It matters to finish on a high, showing respect to us the supporters and the competition.”

“I do think it’s a chance to give one or two of our most promising youngsters some game time. Not really a weakened team just tweaked. “

“Any idea of playing youngsters in our final game could be blown away by the prospect of the U23s playing in their Cup Final. Everything will depend on the semi final this evening but I believe that the final follows on quite quickly and there is the juicy prospect of our lads completing the double.”

“I think we’ll put a representative team out there, but it won’t be anything close to our regular best XI.”

By Roy

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