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“The heaviest loss for any league Champions to be promoted next season since 1939 lads. What the hell! “

“I thought they might lose interest today but 4-0, any thought for their supporters? Not premier league players.”

“So awful – the players should be taking money out of their bonus payments to pay the travelling supporters costs.
Disgraceful from them”

“Many fans will forgive the performance today but after driving 6.5 hours to get here, with another 6.5 to get back home and a financial outlay of £350 I am less forgiving. The selection by Silva and performance by most of the players was unprofessional and disrespectful.”

“Lack of respect for fans, travelling supporters and the league.”

“Well,the six ‘best’ teams made it – us and Bournemouth in the premier league, but our showing against Sheffield Utd as well as others once we got promoted was shameful. If we act like that in the EPL we’d be cert favourites for the drop. IMO, our manager is too soft to succeed. The squad ought to have been fined their wages for such dismal displays, when only Luton was trounced. This reminds me of 20 century Fulham teams who just weren’t up for it every game.”

“Sheffield United showed more desire, fight & worthy of their win & our performance embarrassing!!”

” If fans travelled in expectation of a great performance, they were always likely to be disappointed against an improving Blades team with something at stake.”

“I don’t believe there was a lack of effort, or that the team wasn’t bothered, but we obviously couldn’t be as driven as Sheff U, especially lacking important players.”

“We started the game well,but once they got a couple of goals we were shot,and as I pointed out on another thread it’s happened on occasions.
And remember Sheffield had all four strikers out injured yesterday,could have been the type of score that we have dished out to teams this season,and that wouldn’t have looked good for the championship that the Champions got thrashed.”

“Seldom enjoyed a 4-0 battering more. Bramall Lane was bouncing, Ollie Norwood outstanding. Hope the Blades beat the play-off curse”

“Cracking day today. Lost 4-0 and couldn’t give a monkeys. Sheff United lot are bang on, proper working class club, loud too. Good luck to em.”

“Morgan Gibbs White what a player…”

“Credit Sheff U, they were up for it,and the ovation Mitro got from the home fans when subbed was class!! “

“Highlight of the day was our fans singing ‘we’ve got the ball/we’ve lost the ball’ for the last 15 minutes, which was the only thing that made me smile all day. A mention too for the sizeable number of classy United fans who stood and applauded Mitro off when he was subbed – not something you see every day and just proof that there are still decent fans out there.”

“I hope Sheffield get promoted so we can avenge this.”

“They scored their four chances, think the scoreboard is implying a lot more dominance than there has been”

“Talksport really going to town on Fulham being “humiliated”, we played half a team having been out on the piss for a week in a game that means nothing. Mildly irritating to get beaten heavily, that’s either extent of it. Bigging SUFC up as world beaters based on that”

“just to rub salt in , we followed our satnav out towards the M1 and came across no entry and spent an extra 30 mins getting out of Sheffield. All in all a crap day .”

“It would of been a sight more crappy if you didn’t get out of Sheffield”

“the BEST loss I have ever been to. I absolutely loved it. Our fans were class. What a day”

“wouldn’t had wanted my birthday any other way, fulham away with top people and a truly smashing atmosphere”

“Garbage today – oh well. We had fun”

“Crappiest home support we’ve seen all season I reckon. Barely whispered and they beat the Chamions 4 nil”

“Anyone know when the “Egan had Mitrovic in his pocket trophy” parade starts?”

“Right. Now to unfollow any Championship accounts I follow. Absolute cesspit of a league”

By Roy

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  1. Whats with all the Crappy Comments, No need for it, Well Done you lot on a brilliant season & i hope we see you in the Premier.

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